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Of course, of course

It’s the media’s fault, of course it is:

US President Joe Biden has blamed a clickbait culture in the media for the American public’s poor perception of his presidency, during a talk show appearance in Los Angeles.

In a 22-minute interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mr Biden took a swipe at news outlets for “sensationalising” problems as he insisted that his administration has made a number of major achievements.

25 thoughts on “Of course, of course”

  1. The lack of self awareness is hard to believe, but then again, how else do you manage a puppet “President” who is surrounded by Yes men who simply reinforce his delusion that he’s “The Most Popular President Ever” rather than just some corrupt has-been that the establishment has latched onto as the only ride in town.

    On energy policy alone the actions of his office have deliberately stoked the current fuel crisis which is causing the most anger among the general population of the US. I explicitly say “his office” rather than he himself, since it’s pretty clear that he has no idea what is going on and merely reads whatever is written on the teleprompter before doing a runner.

    At best it’s elder abuse, at its worst it’s treating the American public at large for fools. So the fact that this leads to plummeting support for his regime shouldn’t be surprising to anyone other than a senile old fool.

  2. I used to think that Trump’s view that the presidential election was ‘fixed’ against him was overcooked. Now I think that there are enough people in the Democratic Political Machine who were prepared to use any means necessary to get him – and those people cannot fathom why their machinations aren’t more widely appreciated. They’ve done all this ‘stuff’, wound up their President with spin, and people still judge them by results.

  3. Ivana has now testified that she accepts the claims were b……t. Or at least she accepts the words of the AG who said they were. Although whether that means she thinks they were is a fine point. What there is no doubt of is the amount of media manipulation in favour of the Dems during the campaign was unprecedented. And there’s a strong smell of rotten fish hanging around over the entire episode.
    As ever, it’s not so much a case of being honest as being seen to be honest. Which they singularly failed to do.

  4. Despite having the most slavishly biased media ever it’s still the media’s fault.

    If the media had been even slightly more neutral it would have helped, but by fixing themselves firmly to the “Orange Man Bad” cart they have been, at least tainted and in other places purposely instrumental in the state we’re now at.

    The media is perhaps less obsequious and deferential to Pedo Joe Biden than they were immediately post-infraudulation, but that has more to do with the fact that they were trying to flog a narrative that people simply weren’t buying and switching off in droves.

    Not every newspaper has the backing of billionaires like Jeff Bezos behind them (who seems to have purchased the Washington Post solely to put out PR against taxing billionaires).

    Screaming “fake news” at every headline that is counter-narrative doesn’t help either, especially when the small clique of ACTUAL independent journalists and experts clearly demonstrate that it is mostly true (like the COVID-19 Lab escape hypothesis).

    So yes, a slavishly biased media ends up screwing itself, or at least painting itself into a corner? That’s totally the media’s OWN damn fault. Hoist by its own petard.

  5. Well…it’s all going to come crashing down for the Dems in November. He’s way shitter than even Jimmy Carter. The Dem blob that manoeuvred him in and now pulls his strings broke it, so they own it. We’re looking at a truly historic midterm drubbing. I’m expecting impeachment to follow soon thereafter – that’s the presidential playbook now after all!

  6. “…he insisted that his administration has made a number of major achievements.”

    Presumably Kimmel then challenged him to name some of these achievements?

  7. @Patrick

    ‘Well…it’s all going to come crashing down for the Dems in November.’

    Maybe. But given what is now the open, blatant corruption of the US legal system and media, and the stranglehold the leftists have on social media (which punches above its weight), I wouldn’t bet very heavily against a ‘surprise’ good result for the Dems, ‘confounding expectations’ etc.

    The idea that this nasty, weird, senile old fucker got more votes than any other president ever in 2020 stretches the definition of incredible, and they got away with it.

    Who’s going to stop them doing it again? Why wouldn’t they do it again?

    The FBI? Hahahahaha.

    The Democracy Dies in Darkness WaPo? Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    The Supreme Court? When senior Democrat politicians are openly threatening the lives of Supreme Court judges over the expected Roe vs Wade decision, and armed loons are being arrested outside their houses, and the proven and serious connections between other Democrat politicians and the man who shot Steve Scalise and other Republicans a couple of years back goes resolutely uncovered by the press and investigated by the FBI, I can see how it might be a question of what stones those judges actually possess.

    In terms of the US media generally and the brazen and blatant lie being put about that it is somehow biased in favour of the right, this recent episode of the Commentary podcast is worth listening to:

  8. ‘the proven and serious connections between other Democrat politicians and the man who shot Steve Scalise and other Republicans a couple of years back goes resolutely uncovered by the press and UNinvestigated by the FBI’ obvs

  9. “He’s way shitter than even Jimmy Carter.”

    Not just him. It’s the combined brains of the Dems which has led to this shitshow. At least Creepy Joe has senility as an excuse.

  10. I don’t see much crashing down happening.

    If the Republicans “take” the senate turtle-neck will ensure uni-party business carries on as usual. Same with a McCarthy led house. Meanwhile Biden will continue to sign whatever EO’s are placed in front of him and SCOTUS (the first S presumably now stands for supine) will kick any troublesome cans further down the road.

    As usual Barack will be proven wrong, elections do not actually have consequences – unless the democrats win them.

  11. As usual Barack will be proven wrong

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find Barack as puppetmaster here, except that he’s too lazy. Certainly feels like a “Third Term by Proxy”.

  12. @MC

    Unfortunately, the last two or three years have turned me into something of a conspiracy theorist.

    I think the following things are true.

    1) It is literally impossible that they really believe the things they say that they believe

    or, by extension,

    2) that they are surprised by the effects of policies ostensibly introduced to combat the problems they pretend to perceive.

    For instance, the data are very clear on police shootings in the US – black people are shot at a lower rate by the police than white people, crime for crime, and supporting calls to defund the police were always bound to (and as predicted) lead only to, effectively, a work to rule by the police, and concomitantly more homicides in black areas.

    Yet the American left, from Biden down, have to one degree or another expressed their support for Black Lives Matter, lied about the prevalence of police shootings of blacks, and ignored or pretended away the deleterious effects of their response to that imagined (or at least, greatly exaggerated) problem.

    Another example would be that of the recently recalled San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin – the child of murderous terrorists, raised by other murderous terrorists who went on to become university academics.

    He claims to believe that America is a terrible society which is institutionally disposed, most particularly in its system of law enforcement, against people like him, while simultaneously being elected to the most significant law-enforcement position in one of its leading cities. This is plainly an irreconcilable position, and whatever he is he is not unintelligent, so clearly therefore he cannot really hold it.

    (In that sense it is very similar to the position of his Weather Underground terrorist adoptive parents, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who claimed that the US legal system and indeed the entire country was a brutalist control organism built on racism and lies, and yet were Allowed by the brutalist control organism to see all of the paperwork relating to their own arrests, which paperwork help them to secure their release on legal technicalities despite their having murdered people. They still claim to believe what they believed in the 1960s, despite having spent decades earning vast amounts of money from the system they claim to despise.)

    Boudin cannot really have believed that refusing to charge shoplifters or people dealing fentanyl would lead to a reduction in shoplifting or the dealing of fentanyl and associated overdose deaths, and thus what actually eventuated – a vast increase in shoplifting and the dealing of fentanyl and associated overdose deaths – must have been what he desired.

    In these cases, and indeed almost everything they touch, it can thus only logically be that the lies about the problem are intentional, and that the effects of the solutions are desired.

    It sounds insane, I know, but giving professorships to Weather Underground murderers, and Chesa Boudin’s policies, and Black Lives Matter, and believing that blue haired women are men, and elevating buggery above everything else, and aborting your future generations, and bankrupting your country for ‘Climate Change’, and mandating vaccination for children against a disease which poses no risk to them with a vaccine which does pose a risk to them, are actual things, so it is ineluctably where the logic takes us.

    Who would want to destabilise American public life, especially in its cities, and why, is an open question, but that is what is being done.

    If as I suppose at least the prime movers of left-wing policy in America are getting precisely what they intend, we have to reassess whether it is indeed (seen from their vantage point) a shitshow, or evidence of a lack of intelligence.

  13. Why is there no-one comparing Biden’s rate of covid-19 deaths with those of the unspeakable Bolsonaro – even under the unspeakable Trump the USA had far fewer deaths than Brazil, but by now it has caught up (to with one-quarter of 1%, which is less than the margin of error)?

  14. If you actually watch the interview, it’s embarrassing – incoherent and rambling. Even within one sentence, he can no longer remember the point he was going to make by the time he’s more or less finished his preamble (“preamble” is somehow just right – leisurely, aimless and wandering).

  15. As opposed to the Trump years, when nothing was hyped up. No Russian spy conspiracies, no threat of fascism or white supremacy, no prostitutes pissing on the President in a hotel room, no kids in cages, no threats to democracy, no military coups, no Handmaid’s Tale re-enactments, no pussyhats, no Molotov cocktails, no paranoia about war with Iran/North Korea/Russia, no accusing Proud Boys of terrorism, no linking Pepe the Frog to neo-Nazis, no calling people transphobes for not wanting men wearing bodysuits around children, no holding a bloody effigy of Trump on a magazine cover/in a rap video/in a Shakespeare performance in Central Park, no virtue signaling by every corporation in America…

    Should I go on?

  16. Should I go on?

    Probably not since you’ve just provided a whole dump of incoherent nonsense to such an extent that I can’t figure out whether you are pro-Trump or “Orange Man Bad”.

    Maybe it was more coherent in the original Russian?

  17. One does not have to be pro-Trump to smell the amount of bullshit narratives the Left threw at the wall over the past 5 years.

    Calling out the projection, you see.

  18. @Interested

    Regarding whether these politicians believe what they’re saying…

    1. There are many instances where they are simply evil, and are willing to lie to your face to win an election.

    2. There are also many instances where they appear to be unforgivably ignorant and out of touch with reality.

    On the surface, one might say the second premise is due to lack of real world experience + decades spent in a privileged, protected environment. Which is true, but that lack of experience and protection is due to a deep distrust/xenophobia when it comes to the out-group, in this case average citizens. The career in politics is simply a way to avoid the unwashed masses and other inconvenient things like laws and accountability. Politicians endanger the lives of their own families to attain that status.

    So I’d argue there is indeed a combination of malice and ignorance, but even the ignorance is ultimately caused by malice.

  19. @Pcar

    Jimmy’s coaching is sooooo transparent. It’s like when an 8-year-old is interviewed on the Today show to discuss why her puppy went viral on TikTok. The host has to finish all of the girl’s sentences for her. This is a politician who’s been in the public eye for 50 years, and King George VI had an easier time getting his words out.

    And wait until you see this, from the Democratic National Convention, after Biden spent his entire campaign hiding from the press in his basement:

    Just observe how angry he looks the entire time.

    To paraphrase Anthony, “Can you imagine all the journalists out there who are watching Joe Biden and [Jimmy Kimmel], and wondering, ‘Why am I not talking to him?'”

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