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Children aren’t the future: where have all the young climate activists gone?

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  1. No doubt it was the sinister covid conspiracy that allowed TPTB to lock up—–er down all these young activists so they couldn’t throw their tantrums in public.

    Or maybe it’s just that oil is so expensive that they can’t afford to fly to these clown shows anymore?

  2. Maybe they have started looking around and have noticed that the climate is just the same as it has always been. Many will now be old enough to remember the predictions of the climate doomsayers and might have noticed that nothing has happened. Interesting that children are so important to the climate alarmists, the inexperienced are so much easier to mislead.

  3. DocBud in Guildford

    For the overwhelming majority of young people, it was never about climate change, it was just an excuse for a bit of a lark. There was never any real belief and hence no commitment. Climate change is simply oh so yesterday and young people have moved onto the next best thing.

  4. @Stonyground – Greta the Doom Goblin was started on her career of eco-activism and mental health struggles by an emotive but inaccurate (or deliberately misleading) documentary about dying polar bears. Years spent haranguing world leaders (apart from the scary ones) due to fibs about the deaths of lovely fluffy bears.

    Still, it doesn’t matter. As I might have mentioned, I speak to leaders in one particular industry on a regular basis and either they all 100% believe the eco-alarmism or they feel they must be seen to believe. And they are investing billions in various schemes to ‘address the problem’.

    Now the grown ups believe, there is less need for kiddy activists….

  5. Oh they’re still there, just waiting when the Ukraine flags drawn onto their skin have faded and they can move into some other new thing or perhaps back to climate. Besides, they’re busy with this pride and trans bollocks at the moment.

  6. MC @ 6.55 “they feel they must be seen to believe”.

    That, in a nutshell is why we are all so fucked up………..

  7. It seems it was all just a passing fad, a fashion.

    This year, we’re all into sex trafficking.

  8. I always saw Global Warming as a sad comment on the human condition.
    All adults under 40 seem to passionately believe in it, some adults over 40, as MC said, “they feel they must be seen to believe”. If you said to these same adults every year “Next year I’ll treat you to a trip to somewhere exotic” you’d have 2 years before their reaction would be a shrug and a sneer but “climate change” seems to have carried on for 40 years with the reaction of a sage nod and a mutter of “next year!”

  9. It’s a tured old trope. But it really is an ersatz for organised religion. The clergy have whole- heartedly embraced Gaia worship too in irder tomaje them seem more relevant.

    It is also a symptom of peoples’ general inability to think critically about a subject. It is especially sad to see “educated” people simply believe what “experts” tell them, when it is so obviously wrong.

  10. “Where have all the children gone?”, ask people who’ve spent the last 40 years claiming you should sterilise yourself for The Environment™.

  11. Most of the above, plus a very simple biological fact that all the EcoFreaks have forgotten in their overzealous pushing of their agenda:

    Teens and Youngsters rebel against the Established Order.

    It’s a very natural, healthy thing we’ve all been through at some age or other. Possibly multiple times.
    And for the current kids there’s no escape from the constant barrage of Eco-this and Eco-that in school and the media that are aimed at them.
    For them, EcoLoonery is the Establishment.

    Guess. What. Happens?

    Youf finds Something Else to be Young with and annoy TPTB and parents…
    All quite natural, and good on ’em.

  12. DocBud in Guildford

    Quite, Grikath, teens can rebel against eco obsessed parents by putting waste in the wrong bin.

  13. A decade or so ago, some twit claimed that the Maldives would be under water within 5 years ‘unless we do something about it’. The Maldives government did do something about it. They built a bloody big airport!
    Also, why do all these famous, wealthy, doomsayers buy beachfront properties instead of mountain retreats? Because they know that man made warble gloaming is a man made myth.

  14. Enviro-Mentals always use children in their campaigns to guilt-trip us about ‘future generations’ and how poor widdle kiddies will have to deal with our selfish desire to eat and not freeze to death.

    See it’s alright for us. We’ll be dead soon. Think of the children!

    Same dickheads are going hysterical about Roe v Wade and bullying wypipo to breed less ‘for the environment’.

    They care so much about ‘future generations’ they don’t want ’em fucking born.

  15. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Where have they gone? Well, there weren’t all that many in the first place.

    Thankfully, most children aren’t mentally ill or in the care of virtue signalling parents.

  16. DocBud in West Yorkshire


    Back in 2009, President Nasheed and his cabinet held a cabinet meeting underwater as part of their grifting efforts ahead of COP15 in Copenhagen to guilt the developed world into showering them with free money.

    The late Nils Axel-Morner, renowned sea level expert who had conducted exhaustive studies in the Maldives which had shown that any sea level rise over the next 100 years would be “small to negligible”, wanted to explain his findings to the local TV station in order to reassure Maldivians that their homes were not about to be inundated. Naturally, President Nasheed refused, he didn’t want scientific facts stopping his citizens from being terrified for their future.

  17. Ottokring,

    “It is also a symptom of peoples’ general inability to think critically about a subject. It is especially sad to see “educated” people simply believe what “experts” tell them, when it is so obviously wrong.”

    A lot of “educated” people are dull status-seeking bureaucrats who studied rote subjects and complied with whatever ridiculous rules and inducements the educational establishments threw at them. Even the whole thing of going to “uni” is this for many people. These aren’t the people who spot a glitch in The Matrix and take a deeper look at it (like if all these atolls are going to disappear, why are the prices of beach front property in the Seychelles still so high?)

  18. BoM4
    Alas this was even true in the 1980s when I did my history degree. I would read or listen in lectures about Marxist theory being shoe-horned into an obviously inapplicable situation. After getting a good battering in my first year, I decided that I had to “play the game” and achieved a grade much better than I expected.

    I was once challenged by a lecturer “You obviously don’t believe any of this. Why do you write it ? If your argument is sound then we’ll accept it.”
    “Why put myself at an immediate disadvantage and struggle to make up those 10 points that I lost in my opening paragraph? I want to pass don’t I?”

    He was generally shocked.

  19. Yet Another Chris

    I was at university in the late 60s. The in-thing back then was CND. Everyone, except us engineers, spent their time protesting. As many have commented above, kids move on from one cause to another to p*ss off the PTB and their parents. Climate change? Warble gloaming? Warble heating? Whatever, they’ve moved on to Ukraine, gimmegrants, trans … I’m not interested. I wasn’t interested in the late 60s and I’m not interested now in the opinions of spotty youths.

  20. It is especially sad to see “educated” people simply believe what “experts” tell them,

    These people will have been through the UK’s university system in the past few decades. Whatever the opposite of an education is, they will have had it.

  21. There will be fewer Young Green Activists in future

    The Net Zero by toxic jab, as Gates wanted

    Dr Fauci’s Paxlovid Rebound
    It was Expected to Happen – Paxlovid – Yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ turns out be true
    Pfizer’s Paxlovid fails to work and makes people test-negative COVID spreaders

    Sadly I don’t have any sympathy for the gullible fools who were and are being jabbed with poison. The information that jab dangerous and useless was on UK Gov’t MHRA site and manufacturer sites

    Now we have a never ending Pandemic of the jabbed and more die after each re-infection and booster jab

  22. Pcar….

    Less tinfoil in your diet may, and that is just a suggestion, have you not represent as a total conspiracy nut.

    But… it’s a free world.. At least you’re mildly amusing.

  23. Regrettably off topic.

    But I’m fascinated by the wicked US Supreme Court stating that the EPA was not given the power by Congress to place CO2 emission limits on all power plants.

    Gorsuch writes that no agency can make policies with such far-reaching effect without express empowerment by Congress.

  24. Grikath, you do of course know that adverse reactions to the various COVID jabs number in the millions, or a few thousand times more than all the other vaccinations in the last half century. To be listed as adverse, obviously they have to be ADVERSE. Two of my classmates from 1967 died shortly after the COVID vaccination and that’s a pretty high rate, wouldn’t you agree?

    One of the directors here threatened me with dismissal if I didn’t produce a vaccination certificate. I promised her that if it killed me I would take her with me. Silence.

  25. @Grikath

    Be a sensible chap and look at and read the real world data around world eg Aus, South Korea, Portugal, UK. Then re-evaluate your position

    If you won’t read, provide evidence the real world data is wrong and sudden large spikes in deaths, heart problems, fall in births etc sinse Dec 2020 nothing to do with the toxic jabs. If you can’t or won’t STFU

    CEO of Pfizer had to Cancel trip to Israel because…

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