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Remember nothing, learn nothing

The task force made sweeping initial recommendations, including the creation of a state-subsidised mortgage programme to guarantee low rates for qualifying black candidates

People who can’t afford homes buying them is not a good idea. 2008 showed that, right?

10 thoughts on “Remember nothing, learn nothing”

  1. California demography as at 2018:-

    36.6% White
    22.9% Hispanic
    14.7% Asian
    5.8% Black

    So it’s hardly a policy likely to appeal to voters. What’s the American equivalent of “a cup of cold sick”?

  2. John. For all of California’s angst about reparations, the black population in the state is just about the same as it was in 1990, though the US black population as a whole has grown by almost half since then and the California’s by about a third. The blacks have been leaving in California in droves, much as they have been leaving other blue states.

    If taxes ae to be raised to pay reparations, it’ll be a lot of young Hispanics and Asians paying them.

  3. It’s interesting…

    On Family Guy, they had a joke about U.S. Border Patrol holding up a color palette to decide whether different races can enter the country. Seems that they were only projecting their own racism onto conservatives, in a cartoon they created in the very state that’s using the color palette for real.

  4. using the color palette for real
    They could always use the pencil test developed in South Africa.

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