Seems to have been an outbreak of this sort of stuff

R. Kelly, the disgraced R&B singer, has been jailed for 30 years for racketeering and sex trafficking.

A judge handed down the sentence in the Brooklyn federal court in New York nearly a year after Kelly, 55, was found guilty by a jury.

It’s not just English heiresses….

9 thoughts on “Seems to have been an outbreak of this sort of stuff”

  1. Jailed for 30 years.

    Hiding in plain sight for nearly as long although posting online videos of your actual offences barely constitutes hiding. I’m surprised he hasn’t put on a frock and claimed the “R” stands for Rebecca – or does that only work over here?

  2. The judge said:

    “It is fair to say, Mr Kelly, that you are a person that had some great advantage…”

    Wha?! He black!!

  3. Have we had the list of all those guys Ms Maxwell pimped those underage girls to?

    Must’ve missed it. Anyone we know on there? It might be interesting to see how many pols, slebs and minor royals get the full thirty years like Gilly and R.

  4. Jailing a multi-millionaire black man just because he did it is a sign of systemic racism if ever I ever I saw it.

    Curse the pale face!

    I don’t know how Donald Trump is responsible but I’ll think of it soon, just you wait.

    Little Swabby heard these rumours twenty-odd years ago.

    But obviously none of his friends, family and entourage knew.

  5. OK, I get “R&B singer” – what he did for a living, although I would have though anyone who cared would have known this. And talking about his conviction is probaly the point of the article. But why disgraced? Is this a reference to the fact he got caught? Or that he let down “R&B singers” as a group? I mean, what does it add? I would have taken “disgraced” to mean in some way having fallen from some moral high ground or other – like say a nun running a prostitution racket, or the pope selling dope, or a policeman taking bribes.
    Don’t they have editors anymore?

  6. rsm.

    I understood Weinstein’s actresses all consented – at the time. Later on they had a case of buyers – or perhaps sellers – remorse.

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