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That’s, umm, fairly wild

A senior Nigerian politician and his wife have been charged with human trafficking after allegedly smuggling a 15-year-old boy into Britain in order to harvest his kidney for their sick daughter.

19 thoughts on “That’s, umm, fairly wild”

  1. ‘The Metropolitan Police has said the child, who is under the age of 18, at the centre of the alleged plot is in care.’

    Certainly an original way to become a welcomed illegal immigrant!!!

  2. And all this time, all we had to do was wire him a few million bucks. Had to forward it to the “Spam” folder, didn’t we?

    Welp, how do you feel now, huh? How do you feel now?

  3. Poor kid with little prospect of a decent life is offered the chance of one in return for “donating” a kidney to another young person who badly needs it. Presumably the young man was going to be well compensated, instead he has been dumped on the never-ending largesse of the British taxpayer.

    Many of the same people clutching their pearls about “how could a mere 15 year old child be competent to make such a potentially life-changing decision” would be cheering from the rooftops if the 15 year old came over here to have his dick cut off so that he could “shave his legs and then he was a she”. Now that would have been wild.

  4. @Julia: the article I read said they were arrested before flying on to Turkey, so quite possibly a Turkish surgeon was involved.

  5. Years ago the Graun had an article on somewhat irregular organ transplants in Ukraine. I guess the war has altered that

  6. Where is the daughter? Wholly ignorant and innocent, just trying Turkey as a new dialysis destination, I’m sure.

  7. Could be the donor was scamming them – maybe he never had any intention of going through with it, but used the free flight as a method to get to the UK, and once here screamed trafficking etc, and thus got detained, and should be able to claim asylum/disappear into the woodwork etc etc.

  8. PJF

    Yes that’s pretty shocking. On the other hand:-

    In a decision that showed the influence of the abortion industry, a Federal Court in California found David Daleiden guilty and awarded Planned Parenthood approximately $2.2 million for Daleiden’s work exposing the abortion industry, including the potentially illegal sale of aborted baby parts.

    It’s almost as if there are double (legal) standards.

  9. “the judge ordered the jury to include in its verdict that Daleiden had, in fact, trespassed.” Golly; are our judges allowed to do that? What if the jury declines to obey? Does the judge have them locked up?

  10. dearieme

    This particular US jury meekly did what the judge ordered while by comparison a UK jury disregarded a judges instructions and declared the Colston statue-dunkers not guilty.

    180 degree opposites except that both verdicts were in accord with the prevailing progressive agenda which now clearly trumps the letter of the law on both sides of the pond.

  11. Yes that’s pretty shocking. On the other hand:-

    I linked to the 2010 Guardian piece for completeness; I didn’t think it was that much of a big story compared to what goes on now in China with the tacit blessing of the west.

    By the time late 2014 arrived, the Russian agitproppers had upped it to the evil Ukrainians stripping their own dead soldiers of organs in the field, medical realities be damned. A certain segment lapped it up, of course.

  12. A decent newspaper would have included the phrase “one of his kidneys”, which is kind of an important distinction.

  13. I wonder why no mention this is legal in Iran? Don’t mention the M or I word?

    @John, June 24, 2022 at 5:36 am
    +1 Incisive

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