The Guardian’s lying again

Richard Murphy, a tax expert

11 thoughts on “The Guardian’s lying again”

  1. Talking of lying : Gutteridge and Bolton reporting in the Telegraph stated that the Labour winner in Wakefield had a “massive” 13,000 votes. Nearly 5,000 fewer than the 2019 election. Turnout was 39%. In what sense is any of that “massive” ? He didn’t even cross the 50% line.

    Anyway serves the Tories right – for appointing an out of town nonce in the first place and picking a remainer this time.

  2. I don’t think the Graun is lying per sé, just that their definition of “expert” is different from ours…

    Here: Expert, someone who has proven, in-depth knowledge on a subject, either through education or experience, preferably both.

    Graun: Expert, someone who agrees with our preconceived narrative, regardless of actual expertise or experience in the field in question. Bonus points for a Youtube channel. Double bonus points for a two-man “charity” .

  3. Strange that as a tax expert he doesn’t get the implications of the Laffer curve. A £32bn tax shortfall with only £2bn attributed to fraud is a pretty good indication that it’s real. Perhaps he denies that it exists by putting the shortfall down to fraud. So fraud for him must include legally changing what you do to stop the Government taking large chunks of your money and pissing it up the wall.
    What’s most perplexing is that as an accountant (and tax expert) shouldn’t his job involve telling his clients exactly how to rearrange their financial affairs to legally minimize the tax they pay?

  4. I’ve just been looking at a Graun article on an area I know something about. The ‘alarm’ figure is around 6 fold the accepted UN number. It’s taken from a report published by an organisation nobody else seems to have heard of. The comments section they’ve put on their website has two posts. The claimed average revenue generated by each worker in the industry is 74k€. In an industry where a sizeable proportion of the workers use their earnings to supplement other income. And all of the workers in the industry are self employed “manual” workers. There are no managements or CEO’s. The total revenue of the industry is claimed to be a third of Spain’s entire tourist industry.
    How the organisation’s claiming these numbers I haven’t a clue. Presumably by not understanding anything about about the industry & just taking claims of interested parties at face value. A lot of it must be double, triple or quadruple counting, not realising that most of what they’re regarding as “revenue” are actually expenses & expenses on expenses.
    Took me about 5 minutes to see the gaping holes in it. But the Graun swallows it whole because it suits its agenda. And then, like me, you see it being quoted by more supposed experts to suit their agenda.

  5. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    To be fair, given the collective knowledge at The Guardian on matters related to business, finance, accounting and taxation, Richard Murphy would certainly come across as being an expert. Seriously, how many editors at The Guardian do you think are capable of filling out their own tax forms?

  6. Seriously, how many editors at The Guardian do you think are capable of filling out their own tax forms?

    Actually, I would bet that they are all (actual genuine) experts at tax, specifically the avoidance thereof.

  7. I still remember the Guardian article urging people with unitised policies at Equitable Life to transfer them into With Profits policies so that they’d make two to four thousand pounds each when it demutualised.

    That’s real expertise!

  8. Just like “Which?”. Recommended endowments. Until they didn’t.

    And when agents were split into independent and tied, the regulator was asked whether he used a tied or independent adviser. He said “Neither, I go straight to the company.” (Equitable Life) Thereby displaying his ignorance.

    Whatever happened to them…?

  9. Can’t be true. I’ve been investigating this matter for a few years getting data from the most expert websites such as,,, etc and I’ve never met such an opinion. Check it out yourself.

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