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There’s a solution here

Called democracy:

“It is the realisation of an extreme ideology, and a tragic error by the Supreme Court, in my view. The health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. It is a sad day for the court and a sad day for the country. The court is literally taking the country back 150 years.”

The US president warned that the court could soon similarly overturn same-sex marriage, and the right to use “birth control in the privacy of your bedroom, for God’s sake”.

He said that it made the US an “outlier” among the developed nations of the world.

Pass a law with whatever the right restrictions and allowances are then.

Hmm, what’s what? There’s no particular set of such rules that everyone will agree upon? Even accept? Well, there’s your problem then, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “There’s a solution here”

  1. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the left and right can’t live together any more.

  2. @Addolff; the side now screaming ‘my body my choice’ are exactly the same set that cheered on mandating of Covid vaccines, because they are too thick to see the contradiction.

    Me, I’m ordering more popcorn.

  3. To me, the obvious solution is to pass those laws which satisfy the preferences of the individual states. Thus if you live in Texas and want an abortion, you go to California.

  4. But there is only one side wishing to impose their will on the other

    Pretty sure that there are plenty all over the states, even in California who would love to have a complete ban on abortion, religious conservatives for a state. The problem is that they have no majority among the demos and therefore it’ll never happen.

    Pass a law with whatever the right restrictions and allowances are then. Hmm, what’s what? There’s no particular set of such rules that everyone will agree upon? Even accept? Well, there’s your problem then, isn’t it?

    Yes. This was the problem before Roe v Wade & Casey and it remains the problem after they are crushed into the dust.

    Even that old Clinton line about “Abortion being legal, safe and rate” won’t wash, because what the hardline lefty feminazis want is repugnant to the vast majority (essentially the right to terminate at will up to birth).

    The line about “My Body, My Choice” is all very well, but it leads to a dark, satanic place that most Americans, male and female, don’t want to go.

  5. As Tim says. The Democrats couldn’t get a majority for the law they wanted so it was introduced via the back door by a tendentious construction of the constitution. You’d think from all the hysteria (and particularly from the BBC’s coverage last night) that the “right” to abortion was expressly written into the constitution.

  6. ‘ I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the left and right can’t live together any more.’


    It’s the Left that can’t live with anybody, not even itself.

  7. JuliaM, I’m sure there are many who fit your description but there are very many who don’t, including me.
    Black women are 2-3 times more likely to have an abortion (13% population – 34% abortions).
    For those of a particular bent, banning abortion would look like racism….

  8. There is a simple solution for abortion supporters here; amend the Constitution. Note I said simple, not easy. The Constitution has already been amended 27 times, so it isn’t impossible. You just need to convince most people of your views.

    The Left is impatient. It’s easier to stamp your foot and tell everyone to just get on board.

  9. Ironically, the people they should be mad at are the feminists who rammed through Roe in 1973. This is what happens when you let emotions and political expediency run wild.

    Abortion is not, was not, has never been mentioned in the Constitution. The Left tends to point to the 14th Amendment, which pertains to property rights. While there is some room to expand on the definition of property, they simply got lazy and went straight to the Supreme Court, instead of going through the proper channels. And don’t listen to them when they say abortion was just “outlawed.” Roughly half the states in this country will still be allowing abortion, and several corporations are even offering funding for any employees that want ’em (my employer included). Biden lied yesterday about the U.S. being an “outlier” among Western countries. He forgot about France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Poland and Spain. Every one of those countries has more restrictive abortion laws than the State of Mississippi, the state that triggered the overturning of Roe v. Wade. I’m not seeing any comments from Trudeau on that either, though he has tons to say about us.

    If leftists actually cared about a permanent national solution, they would have at least started on a constitutional amendment. Otherwise, the only relevant thing the Constitution does say, is that anything not enumerated in the document is relegated to state governments, whose constitutions can also be amended.

    Seem unfair? Well, before that Second Amendment ruling that also took place this week, for the past 110 years guns were virtually outlawed in New York unless you could give a “proper cause” for your license. While our city was burning down, NYPD was told to stand down and let it burn, elderly Asian, Jewish, black, Hispanic residents were being assaulted, and violent criminals were being released from prison, we weren’t even allowed to defend ourselves unless we had the bribe money or clout to convince the state government. Was that fair? What about the recent law our governor just passed outlawing bulletproof vests?

    The real issue that the Left was too lazy and entitled to resolve, was at which point an embryo grows to become a separate entity from the mother. Within that same question is when life itself begins. These are questions that may never be answered. To confuse things even more, we have parents with fully alive and born children who are making irreversible medical decisions regarding hormones and genitalia. Sometimes the parents aren’t even involved in the decision, but teachers and guidance counselors are. Is that being respectful of “my body, my choice”? And yes, I know these monsters are claiming it’s the child’s choice, but kinda hard to believe that when the child isn’t even old enough to vote or smoke a cigarette.

    There’s a reason why they never figured out the autonomy of a fetus. Read any single pro-choice advocacy literature. Anything to do with how unjust the Supreme Court ruling is, or about “reproductive rights” or “birthing people.” Notice anything missing? Any mentions of unborn children, their rights, the amount of pain they might feel during an abortion.

    A very good way of determining the seriousness or strength of an argument, is by examining the details that are conveniently left out. Even if inconvenient, if your argument is correct or at least moral, you should have no problem mentioning the gruesome reality. In fact, anti-gun control activists do this all the time. They mourn mass shootings and ask for the harshest penalties for anyone who commits murder and other violent crime. And then, they explain that the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense are still more important because, as tragic as life is with gun deaths, life without those rights is far worse. That’s why living in Uvalde, Texas is still exponentially safer than living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. But leaving out the valid arguments of your opponents is a great way to sow suspicion and doubt, regardless of your ideas.

    The reality is that the Left doesn’t care about children as much as their ideology (tons of examples of this), prioritizes the destruction of anything traditional over any semblance of responsibility and principle, and craves control over other people. The idea of state-level abortion rights or restrictions is still unacceptable to them, because it must be decreed by King Biden himself. Your state voted 80% to ban abortions? Tough shit, because you’re in a liberal country now. What about when a Republican gets back in the White House? Whatever, we’ll cross that bridge later, as was done with Roe v. Wade.

    It didn’t even stop with the allowance of abortion, but got to the point where the federal government (every taxpayer in the U.S.) is now funding other people’s abortions. The Left has gotten so extreme, that they are now counterproductive against themselves. They’ve simply pushed their luck too far, and now they’re wondering how the federal government could have taken so much of their power away so quickly. As liberals love to say, “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” Many of the black and Hispanic voters in the Democrat Party aren’t even pro-choice. These selfish activists tend to forget that not everyone agrees with them. If they had any humility whatsoever, they would have earned their support, instead of demanding it. Now, they’re reduced to calling for the expanding or dissolution of the Supreme Court. That’s cute. Kind of why we have three branches of government, a bicameral Congress, and a system of checks and balances. When you’re losing at a game, you don’t just flip over the game board and declare yourself the winner.

    Funny thing is, I’m a smidge on the pro-choice side myself. I don’t like the idea of any government telling people what kinds of medical decisions to make, and the issue of life has not yet been adequately settled. But leftists have created a mess with this and several of their other important issues through nothing but unforced errors. All they’ve done is make the pro-choice side look sociopathically infantile. The minute you gain 100 pounds, dye your hair blue and carry a sign saying “Abortion on demand and without apology,” you lose all of your credibility. It’s no longer a “struggle” but performance art.

    Seriously, when was the last time people were experiencing actual injustice, and they gave a huge toothy grin like this insecure, empty vessel?

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