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This is a bit, umm, weak, as an argument

Other reasons for the shortage cited in the Time story include staffing issues and rising costs to get raw materials. The article also notes that because tampons are used by people with uteruses ― and many of the people who make “procurement and supply chain decisions” about feminine care products don’t use the products themselves ― there’s a possible gendered aspect to the tampon shortage because it simply may not be seen as a priority.

Capitalism makes folk interested in the money they can have by thinking about other peoples’ desires. That’s what makes it work…..capitalists are greedy, see?

12 thoughts on “This is a bit, umm, weak, as an argument”

  1. I was interested to see that there is a shortage of donors for the ‘economically disadvantaged’, no doubt because the costs have risen.

    Evidently donors are as subject to greed as capitalists.

    A fine example of this would be yours truly. When my neighbour Peter asked if he could plug a cable into my leccy supply since he’d been blacked out, I of course said yes. When those houses in the street that’d got the chop lit up again – I think it was because they all had solar panels so the power supplier could cut them off if too much was flooding the grid – he offered me $20!!! for the power. I mumbled a bit diffidently, but my greed came to the fore and I took it. I naturally assume all others are as venal as I.

  2. I am sorry but the use of this phraseology vitiates any message.

    The article also notes that because tampons are used by people with uteruses

    The article is a waste of time. They are called women. This genuflection to dangerous lunatics will end very badly. Trans women are not women. End of story. ‘People with uteruses’ my A£#e.

  3. @VP, from Oireland: “CervicalCheck is a national screening programme to prevent cervical cancer. The programme provides free cervical screening tests to women and people with a cervix between the ages of 25 and 65.”

    At least it does mention women.

  4. That’s what makes it work…..capitalists are greedy, see?

    Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But as we see with so many companies big and small, capitalists are sufficiently materially comfortable that what they are greedy for is social status. So they’ll design their goods and services to impress their friends and colleagues rather than the customers, and then berate the customers for not liking it (see Disney Star Wars vs the racist fan base). Why would you sell tampons to women or supply food for their babies when you want to be rewarded with rainbow kudos for talking impressively about the rights of trans to abort their foetal parasites.

  5. While a minority I’m sure there are other orifices and uses for tampons, it’s a large and strange world out there and not something I’d want to Google to confirm

  6. “people with uteruses”?? If ever there was a time to use the phrase “people who menstruate” it was for this article. I can only assume that Ben has never heard of the menopause. Or maybe he thinks that it involves the uterus self-destructing?

  7. PJF — but it only a matter of time before a greed motivated, rather than status motivated, company cleans then out.

    I would not own Disney stock at the moment.

  8. Period Poverty [Not again]:

    BBC report, oh sorry GBN ‘It’s definitely a struggle I think many teen girls are facing’
    Good comments

    Complete bollocks, packs of 20 tampons cost under a pound in supermarkets, that’s under 5p per day if full pack needed for every 28th day period few days

    Also, saw a headline in DM: Soaps now promoting “Period Poverty”, C4 Hollyrocks(?) especially

  9. It’s also a possibility that women are just being extra cunty, and their flows are extra heavy because of Putin’s tax hike or some bullshit.

    But you don’t put random crude theories like that into a so-called news article, you see.

  10. ‘… The article also notes that because tampons are used by people with uteruses…’

    Not any more, and this could explain the shortage – all those people (now the majority of the population it seems) who don’t have uteruses but are women anyway buying up tampons.

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