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Umm yes, OK……

Alberta Education, the education department for the province of Alberta, would like permission to include and translate into French the following material for use as part of an assessment item for the Social Studies 30–2 diploma examination program.

Clips from a Washington Examiner column.

then in ongoing, multiple administrations of the Social Studies 30–2 Grade 12 Diploma Examination(s) starting in January 2023, in English and in French, to be written by students in Alberta, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories.

This is trivial. I know it’s trivial, yet there’s something rather fun about the idea of some Inuit lad staring out over the strait to Greenland and pondering what the hell this Englishman meant in his social studies class.

The problem is, trickle-down economics does work, will work, and always has done so. …
A simple way to forecast the future is to look at what rich people have today; middleincome people will have something equivalent in 10 years, and poor people will have it in
an additional decade.
… I’m old enough that the first mobile phone call in my native England took place while
I was an adult. The phone cost more than many of the used cars I’ve had over the years, and
airtime was $2 a minute. We can all now have some landfill Android machine1
that will surf
the net as well as make calls for what, $20 a month these days? We even say this is such a
part of modern life that we provide them for free to welfare recipients. Yup, that’s trickledown economics.
My larger point is that this happens with all technologies. Something starts out as
playthings for the rich, economic competition piles in, and they become cheaper and
cheaper—until a middle-class existence is defined as being impossible without one, and in
the fullness of time we say that you’re impoverished if you don’t have one. …
This oddity of mixing up capitalism with markets really does make this sort of trickle-down
work. It’s the only economic system humans have ever tried that moves technologies along
that conveyor belt from spurious2
luxury to basic living standard as it does. Nothing else
has ever done that. …
That is, the argument isn’t that trickle-down economics doesn’t work—even when we use
the definition designed as an insult—it’s “how well does it work?” because we all agree
it does.

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