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You don’t say, eh?

An influential Lords committee has accused Brussels of holding the City of London to a higher standard than communist China in granting it access to EU financial markets after Brexit.

A report by the Lords European affairs committee concluded that the EU was playing politics over its decision to lock firms in the Square Mile out of the single market.

Given the absence of democracy over there it’s odd but true – everything in the EU is about politics.

11 thoughts on “You don’t say, eh?”

  1. Why don’t we insist that all French trawlers have to be checked before every trip? In Aberdeen, say.

  2. @Nautical Nick
    Because the French were holding us to ransom over electricity.
    However, it seems that the boot is on the other foot now, with the EU importing gas from the UK as they don’t have the terminals or pipelines for it..

  3. Just take step back here and imagine the hell we would be in had that vote been stay. I do this ever time I sniff “because of brexit”.

  4. I don’t see any major problem here. Surely the whole point of Brexit was to stop having regulatory equivalence by Taking Back Control and doing things differently, so even if the current position is technically wrong, it merely reflects how we are moving.

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