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A vile linguistic construction

Manchin has said he is concerned about inflation, which is now at a 40-year high. Backing a $300bn bill to offer tax credits and other support to clean energy would, he argues, push costs higher for Americans, although several experts have disputed this.

This is happening more and more. Those “experts” are the PR men for the policy they’re the “experts” on.

“Michael Mann” is not exactly an expert on macroeconomics now, is he?

“Senator Manchin has condemned his own grandchildren to a broken planet,” said Leah Stokes, a climate policy expert at University of California, Santa Barbara. “His actions will be recorded in the fossil record for centuries to come.”

That’s a sterling analysis of inflation there.

Among Democrats and climate activists, it has been a mixture of anger, frustration and despair.

Those experts, see?

12 thoughts on “A vile linguistic construction”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    His actions will be recorded in the fossil record for centuries to come.

    Golly, I wish I could be there to check!

  2. If he is playing a game, on the hunch that inflation is about to reduce, it doesn’t seem a particularly clever game. The “analysis” in that article is somewhat sketchy

  3. Senator Manchin has condemned his own grandchildren to a broken planet,” said Leah Stokes, a climate policy expert at University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Otoh I’d wager a fiver that Leah Stokes will have no grandchildren, and will be forgotten soon after she gracelessly expires, surrounded by cats and foolish eschatological delusions about ‘the planet’.

    Which is sad, in’t’it?

  4. The Guardian sez:

    A less charitable view of Manchin is that he is dangerously conflicted due to his own investments in fossil fuels (his coal firm, Enersystems, made him about $500,000 in 2020, more than double his Senate salary) and that his judgement has been warped by the largesse of the industry, which has donated more money to him than any other senator.

    But don’t take the less charitable view when it comes to politicians receiving large sums of money from donors who support unlimited immigration and/or every manner of social and sexual degeneracy.

    A more charitable less charitable view would be that a senator whose constituents depend on the coal mining industry for their daily bread ought not to be supporting the impoverishment of his own voters, but that kind of logical reciprocity and respect for democracy is increasingly unfashionable – as Dutch farmers are finding.

  5. “One such expert is reported to have 30 years of research experience in the discipline of polar bear tears.”

  6. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Joe Manchin is a Democrat senator in a state that went 2 to 1 for Trump in the last election. He is the only Democrat in WV holding an office that is worth mentioning. And you know what? Joe Manchin likes his job. He knows he can’t move to the left without ending his career. And as far as Democrat retaliation? There won’t be any. That’s because if there is retaliation, Joe Manchin can switch parties – without a bit of blowback from WV voters – and land a few plumb senate committee appointments that Mitch McConnell would be happy to give him. I’m sure McConnell has already let him know which ones he can choose from.

    The Democrats are desperate. The loss of the House in November is already a foregone conclusion, which means control of the senate (if they manage to retain control, that is) is largely meaningless. They can rage against Joe Manchin if they like, but it will get them nothing.

  7. @Dennis

    No retaliation from Democrats?

    And remember what happened with his female counterpart?

    And those are just the high-profile incidents. Look at how “tolerant” democrats became when a black Supreme Court justice helped get the federal government out of vaginas. And when AntiFa activists post the home addresses of these dissidents, the Democrat Party plays dumb and won’t even help them with security. Even after a guy travels cross-country to attempt to kill them.

    California lost an electoral vote due to the mass-exodus they’re facing. Tell me, did they at all reverse course on their policies after that? The party won’t do shit about these problems. They have to be forced into responding to citizens, through methods like the recent recall elections. When Chesa Boudin was recalled, even then, did he at all admit to any mistakes? Andrew Cuomo will go to his grave being completely fine with killing thousands of old people in NYC. Bill DeBlasio is now running for Congress in New York. You’re trying to apply morality and reason to people who lack both.

    These aren’t simply dumb people, or desperate people, but rather sociopaths with an addiction to money and power. It’s worse than anything a corporate CEO could hope to get away with.

    Manchin is at least listening to some of his constituents’ concerns regarding the economy. That’s because West Virginia has a relatively small economy that relies almost entirely on coal and other energy sources. I grew up in Southwestern PA in the 90s, so I know how stagnant things have been in the region. Pittsburgh at least saw a renaissance with the tech and film industries. If Manchin lets WV’s economy go south, he’s finished.

    Even still, look at how spineless he is in dealing with the lunatics. He never flatly says “No.” He says he’s “open” to discussions, and the other day he said he’ll review the situation again in August. There’s a contingent among moderate democrats who may have a basic understanding of economics, but still believe there’s such a thing as “good government.” They’ll sometimes say in speeches that they feel the pain of “misguided” policies, but can still fix it if only we can figure out how to implement good government.

    Manchin is still living in this fantasy land. That’s why he’s been in politics since before I was born. Our government needs term limits, at the very least. Then we can work on making politicians even more afraid of the People (through peaceful means).

    In fact, maybe we should simply get rid of political parties altogether. We now have crowdfunding sites, where individuals can raise what they need. That way, office seekers can just run on their own platforms, instead of succumbing to party pressure. They can also associate and team with anyone else based on certain ideas, rather than associating with an entire ideological agenda.

  8. Just adding to that, never underestimate the complacency of the electorate. Gavin Newsom won his recall election. Maxine Waters doesn’t even live in her own district and she gets re-elected time and time again. Hank Johnson is still in office. Ted Kennedy kept getting re-elected to the Senate until he died. And he was a murderer.

    There are a lot of voters who won’t take the time to learn about a new candidate, or even the incumbents. They just know “Republicans bad,” and vote accordingly.

  9. Make sure you know what the word “paranoia” means before you use it.

    All signs point to republicans taking at least one of the chambers. No signs point to Manchin switching parties or anyone on the Left having a come-to-Jesus moment. He’ll sooner retire than switch parties.

    Yes, I know who Jeff Van Drew is. Tell me how much of an impact his switch had on New Jersey. He had nothing to lose.

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