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Another elsewhere

But there’s a useful little trick to use with oddities like that – invert them, then see how they sound.

“Herod justifies first born policy by lower budget deficit,” the piece says.

That doesn’t really work, and if the inversion doesn’t then nor does the original we’re examining.

6 thoughts on “Another elsewhere”

  1. One could of course argue that more illegal immigrants has a much more detrimental effect on the budget deficit.

    But what this is really always about is, ‘You’ve gotta do it OUR way!!!!!!!’

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The fact that a birth costs, on state funded healthcare, as much as a kidney transplant in other developed countries, illustrates both the problem with US healthcare and the US budget deficit.

  3. I tell you most solemnly, they just want to kill babies. That’s all. They’re not pro-choice, they’re pro-Hell, and they’re manifesting Hell on Earth. Deliberately.

    Jesus Christ did nothing wrong.

  4. DocBud in South Yorkshire

    I had to do an inclusivity and diversity course. One of the slides showed that having a diverse workforce was good for the bottom line. My question straight away was “if the figures showed that diversity was bad for the bottom line, would we not have a diverse workforce?”
    The response was “of course not”.

  5. Great question, DocBud. Of course, what those figures really show is that only a large (and, in the private sector, at least, profitable) organisation can afford to piss money away on pointless HR jaunts such as ‘diversity’.

  6. If universities did not enforce diversity, would Harvard be 60% Asian?

    Do homelessophobes justify sweeping camps regardless of budget deficits, because it will end up costing even more so you’re actually saving money by harrassing ppl trying to pursue happiness on commons?

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