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Anyone know how to look up probate?

So, The Guardian’s trying to tell us all about the massive hidden wealth of the Royals. I’ve already muttered something that near all of those look to be smaller than any estate – barring inheritance planning – that Polly T leaves behind. Obviously, hopefully at some far future point.

But didn’t Will Hutton’s wife die? And didn’t they have a buy to let empire – 10 places or summat? – at some time. So, her will should be public. So, how does one go about seeing what the value of that will for probate was? And, even, can we find it?

I think it would be fun if we could. To compare those sums. Anyone have the data chops to take that task on?

6 thoughts on “Anyone know how to look up probate?”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Isn’t standard royal MO to rely an awful lot on freebies, wealthy friends, peppercorn rents and so on? Rather than one’s own wealth pile, which may be mere millions, more than most people but not enough to sustain the Swiss chalet and private jet lifestyle for very long.

  2. The will itself will probably not go into actual financial specifics (save bequests), but form IHT205 will give details on the break down of assets into different classes – total cash, shares, property, etc. But what’s the betting it is all in a trust, so not a direct asset.

  3. Dead easy, five minutes and a pdf of the will in your inbox. Just follow Ducky’s link.

    I happen to have done it last week for a family will.

  4. But didn’t Will Hutton’s wife die?

    Tbf if I had to listen to Willie Hutton for an extended period of time, I’d be looking for the exit too.

  5. When I glanced at it yesterday it ranged from non-Windsor wealth (e.g. the rich Duke of Fife marrying a royal girl) to some poor sap who left £85.

    Many of the sums involved would be easily matched by modern families with a biggish house in London or the SE.

    Oh, and they double-counted. If someone left a million and then their sprog left that same million, both were counted.

    Mainly it persuaded me that the Windsors are not stinking rich which is probably true. They live well but not at the scale of, for example, the President of France or Italy.

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