Blimey, bit harsh

If you can’t get pissed and grope fellow members of your club then what is the world coming to?

Boris Johnson’s deputy chief whip has resigned following claims that he drunkenly groped two men at a private members’ club in London.

What the hell’s a private club for if not that?

8 thoughts on “Blimey, bit harsh”

  1. Remind me never to join a private members club.

    Of course you might argue that my member is so unspectacular that we’re all better off if it stays private.

  2. Members of the ‘Private Member’s Club’ could, at a stretch, be held to have given implied consent to being groped. Younger employees of the club, probably not.

  3. His name is Chris Pincher, so nominative determinism is clearly to blame.

    We won’t have that problem with his replacement, Charlie Fingerbottom.

  4. “What’s the world coming to…”

    Must admit that was my first thought. Used to be a lot of private clubs around Soho and surrounding area in the old days. Only place you were guaranteed a drink outside of statutory drinking hours.

  5. I’ve just remembered that I had a colleague with a similar name. He was very clever chap. We used to call him Fisty ( he never got the reference and was actually pleased because he’d never had a nickname before). Even my missus started calling him Fisty and she held him in very high esteem.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    This guy’s got form, going back a long way. He shouldn’t have even had the Whip, let alone being one.

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