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British male grumpiness explained

Half of British women do no regular exercise

That so?

9 thoughts on “British male grumpiness explained”

  1. Interesting that the ill advised lockdown is being held partly responsible. I wonder if examples of the harm that has been done is going to be constantly trickling out for the foreseeable future?

  2. “Women were more likely to report barriers to exercising than men, citing a lack of motivation…”

    When did idleness become a ‘barrier’?

  3. Perhaps we should do them a favour and give them a mop, and other cleaning materials. Doing the washing by hand would also be a good form of exercise!

    Oh and getting up and making a sandwich or a cup of tea…

  4. The inclusion of netball in “vigorous exercise” means “The Times” uses a different version of “vigorous” – “moderate” would be more accurate.
    Unlike jgh I do know several slim ladies who exercise (one of the reasons they stay slim – the slimmest lapped me on Saturday so the exercise clearly wasn’t killing her) but walking along the street I notice significantly more women than men whose waists and hips reveal an unhealthy lack of exercise, often tending to obesity.

  5. Maybe we select for land whales here but I would have reckoned half was a very favourable estimate.

  6. @ bis
    The heat is a disincentive to exercise, so the percentage of British females in Spain not engaging in even moderate (e.g. netball), let alone vigorous, exercise is almost certainly higher than in the UK.
    My group of acquaintances is atypical in that a significantly higher proportion exercise (because that is how I know some of them) so I shall,instead, instance my neighbours; next door a 60-ish lady has been for years part of a ladies running/jogging group which my wife joined a couple of years ago, next to her the lady keeps herself slim and moderately active (less visibly how because her younger son is aiming for the England 800m squad), next to her the over-60 lady goes on regular country walks with her husband, next is a bachelor, then a sheltered living block where the only people I know are an 80+ guy who usually runs the London Marathon and his wife who does a lot of voluntary work as well as helping with their grandchildren and his allotment, and a widower with a mobility scooter. [In the other direction there is a Car Park, then a NHS building then an Age Concern hall, then a side street, then people we never see and there aren’t any houses on the other side of the road.]
    I must confess to living in a middle class area where exercise is more common and land whales less common than in “deprived” areas, but even so 50% is not a significant understatement.

  7. It may be me, but I find Mediterranean women far more alluring than the home grown tattoo Lardarses. They seem to take more time over their appearances and have more regard how they appear in public, versus GB Wobblebottoms bursting out of their latest outfit from JD Sports.

    Maybe a diet of black coffee, red wine and cigarettes works?

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