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But this is a macho law

Irene Montero, from Spain’s troubled hard-Left Podemos party, is piloting a raft of “feminist legislation” through the country’s parliament but said her ambition is to ensure that every government decision is taken with gender equality in mind.

Under Ms Montero’s guidance, Spain, with its deeply ingrained macho culture, is to become the first country in Europe to offer guaranteed menstrual leave from work for women with severe period pain.

Little girlies can’t cope with life, need extra time off. Not as reliable and strong as men, see?

How damn macho is that?

11 thoughts on “But this is a macho law”

  1. guaranteed menstrual leave from work

    I assume it applies to men as well or is Ms Montero another bigoted TeRf ?

  2. Reason #54 not to employ pre-menopause women.

    Forget negative first order effects; can these ‘feminists’ not think beyond signalling? Or is it, as the feminist response in this country demonstrates, merely a vehicle for elite women to gain the system? Lots of talk about pay for female news casters, not a lot about Rotherham, Bolton, Rochdale etc

  3. I don’t care how long people take off work sick, but they lose the right to come crawling back complaining that they’ve put in fewer hours than people who haven’t been off sick.

  4. The idea that Spain has an ingrained macho culture is hilarious. Dagos are a bunch of effeminate pussies scared of their own shadows. The home’s ruled by the women.
    Not unconnected to the above.
    Spain recently passed legislation outlawing prostitution. They’ve gone for the Nordic Model which leaves the owner of the assets rented untroubled but criminalises the renting. This is in a country where even small villages have their brothels. (Reason may be found above). So the chances of actual enforcement approach zero.
    Madrid could qualify as a registered insane asylum

  5. Dagos are a bunch of effeminate pussies scared of their own shadows.

    So are the Inglese. We failed a major shit test by allowing them to vote and wear clothes. Now we could end up with Penny Mordaunt or Liz Truss as Prime Minister.

    Come, friendly Russian ICBM’s.

  6. guaranteed menstrual leave from work for women with severe period pain

    How many women are not going to have severe menstrual pain?

    And how many post-menstrual women are going to be miffed about their loss of benefit?

  7. No doubt about that, Steve. The blokes turn up down here covered in tattoos. Any one who’s so concerned about what people might think of them, they’d go through whats necessary, has a severe personal confidence problem. Tosser extremo. Most of them are petrified of their women.

  8. BiS – the world was a better place when only tarts and seamen had tattoos. I hate all tattoos, including that little bastard from Fantasy Island.

  9. How do you broach the question of whether someone is post-menopausal, there’s quite a wide range of ages?

    Having worked in accounting which has become dominated by women in the workplace this would be interesting as the only time of the month that matters there is the accounting calendar. Will the SEC etc have to allow for late filings due for the CFO taking a few menstruation days

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