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Careful there, careful there

The lawyers didn’t quite scan this one properly.

Yet, away from the paddock, it is the financial woes of parent company Aston Martin Lagonda that are of the greatest concern despite the best efforts of Stroll and his wealthy friends to rescue a company that has been bankrupt an incredible seven times previously.

That’s not actually true. This being something I’ve written about several times in one of the day jobs.

The business of making Aston Martin cars has been bust 7 times before, this is true. This current company hasn’t been. It’s an important distinction. One that’s on the verge of being actionable I would say…..

8 thoughts on “Careful there, careful there”

  1. Can’t remember who, but an actor type I believe, asked David Brown in the 60’s if he could by a DB5 or such at cost price not what a dealer would charge. Cost was more…..

  2. buy not by, obvs. Tim, you post a bit about sub-editors eh? Please add an edit function…..

  3. Tim put an edit function under the posting form. Where we can read whatever we intend posting before submitting. The fact that none of us use it is down to su.

  4. Bogan, ditto. BiS, I also do use it but sometimes mistakes slip through. As do the mistakes of others, and as Mein host has slaughtered sub editors for not picking up on their faux pas it only seems fair to have an edit function for us mere mortals. It’s not rocket surgery is it? Other website’s seem to do OK with the function.

    I await the ‘if you don’t like how this site runs set up your own’ bollocks from some posters, but it would not be as interesting or entertaining as this one.

  5. imo Aston Martin don’t really know what they are. Last 10-20 years their models seem to target Porsche & Jaguar. However they fail at both due to price vs driving experience

  6. The Pedant-General

    “a company that has been bankrupt an incredible seven times previously.”

    That’s one of those great rules of business: you only run out of money ONCE…

  7. Singer is hugely profitable and they don’t even make cars. They re-imagine them. A Singer Porsche goes for over a million dollars, and there are waiting lists almost as long as Ferrari’s. There’s probably more money to be made out of rebuilding a Lagonda than from building it from scratch. This is another case of a business that doesn’t know what business it is in.

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