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Doesn’t this just piss on Nick Dearden’s chips

Canada is to throw out almost 14m doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine after it struggled to find a country that would accept them.

Canada last year unveiled plans to donate around 17.7m doses of the AstraZeneca Covid jab to other countries, after concerns over the safety of the vaccine prompted it to prioritise those made by BioNTech and Moderna. It had initially ordered 20m AstraZeneca doses, although largely stopped using them amid questions over its potential link to very rare blood clots.

However, Canadian health officials have now said 13.6m of the doses it was planning to donate – or 77pc – had now expired and would need to be thrown away.

A spokesman for Health Canada said: “Due to limited demand for the vaccine and recipient country challenges with distribution and absorption, they were not accepted.”

Therefore patents upon vaccines are not the problem, are they? And so patent waivers on vaccines would not be, nor have been, the solution.

32 thoughts on “Doesn’t this just piss on Nick Dearden’s chips”

  1. How do they dispose of this stuff ?

    Can’t just chuck it down the sink, otherwise they might end up like that Thunderbirds episode with the giant alligators.

  2. So they stopped using AZ because of a rare blood clot issue. But doesn’t the Moderna one have the side effect of causing cardiac arrests?

  3. Obviously “we believe these shots are too dangerous to pump into us Canucks, do you want them”? didn’t garner many takers…..

  4. Emerging evidence seems to suggest that these products are not very effective. If they actually prevented people from contracting Covid, and Covid really was as dangerous as has been claimed, then there would be a judgement to be made on whether using them was an acceptable risk. As it stands, the long term risks are completely unknown and the effectiveness appears to be fairly marginal.

  5. Soon to be followed by millions of doses of the other snake oils from Pfizer & Moderna as the public becomes more aware of the dangers and just how useless they are?

  6. The Unvaxed Bison

    Therefore patents upon vaccines are not the problem, are they?

    It surely depends on whether the vaccine (do you mean “vaccine”?) can do what is claimed for it and within an acceptable range of risk.

  7. Without comment.
    Bit of sad news I got yesterday. Friend of a friend, girl she exercises with at the gym, got taken to hospital on Tuesday afternoon. She died in the night. Early 30s. She was, of course, fully vaccinated against Covid.

  8. BiS….. Hmmmm… Gym… And the other indicators? steroids? ketonic diet? protein shakes + vitamin supplements? “natural boosters”?
    That fad for the “perfect body” claims more than you think…

    And 30…. How were her other habits? After all, all those little happy pills going around in the Party Scene are Completely Harmless, aren’t they? They’re Just For Fun, after all….

    But yeah.. must’ve been the CoVid Shot… Can’t have been anything else…

  9. As far as a I can tell, it is the stair-rod using, wrestling / bodybuilding types who tend to keel over at 30 with a connery.

    And after two years of the covid menace scything it’s way through the populace, there is still only one person who I knew personally, who died of covid: my G.P. who was 84.

  10. AZ uses adenovirus to deliver(known clotting hazard). Moderna and pfizer use lipid nano particles to deliver, a patented technology belonging to a company the Trudeau Family Trust is invested in.

  11. @Grikath
    They’re both shall we say actresses & models. The go to gym to keep the bod in shape. That doesn’t mean hyper thin. Like a lot of them, they eat well but carefully. Not particularly into booze & drugs. They’re professionals.

  12. BiS

    I have heard something similar about a couple of acquaintances. Obviously there’s a blackout in the Mainstream media on this but it does seem to be being seen more frequently. Sorry for your loss.

  13. It was a bit of a toss up at first, but at this point anyone who takes a single further dose of any of these alleged vaccines is a fucking moron.

    I haven’t had any, and neither have my wife or kids, and we’ve all had covid, got over it very quickly, and have yet to be ‘reinfected’. Meanwhile stacks of people who’ve been jabbed have come down with it again, and various people I know have had very odd and aggressive cancers and heart problems arise almost overnight.

    This guys says it better than most (with sources)

  14. Interested

    For travel purpose I got jabs 1 and 2 (to go to Germany last year) but absolutely agree there’s no F$%%%ng way I’m going for any more boosters. I do have some foreign trips planned but if they insist on boosters I’m cancelling the trip. Agree entirely – am hoping the spike proteins might wane or be able to be expelled from the body. I know in the US they’re working on a cure for it but that’s obviously outside mainstream big pharma.

  15. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    Canada is to throw out almost 14m doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine after it struggled to find a country that would accept them.

    I’m surprised Biden’s crew of brain surgeons hasn’t bought them.

  16. They all have major problems, many with serious long-term complications. Some time ago, Pfizer published a mandatory reporting list of over 1,000 adverse events related to their “vaccine” – a large number of which most doctors have never even heard of, let alone seen.

  17. BiC @1.05, Not sure of the details but apparently they are a big thing in the sporting industry – Anabolic stair-rods.

  18. I never used think about vaccines in the olden days so when the covid one came out I had the first two. Muscle ache for months. Chest pains.

    If there was a fucking polio epidemic where the old polio vaxx was no good I would refuse the new jab. They’ve lost me because they fucked it up.

    My elderly neighbours are boostered up to their eyeballs, they all got it, muscle ache, the lot.

    Thank God they had the jabs, otherwise it would’ve been very serious.

    Well, FUCK YOU.

  19. They are pushing boosters in Canada and try to get even younger kids, asking if the boosters is for the original strain or the current one results in sulky child syndrome and mumbling if answered at all

  20. @VP

    Yes, I definitely distinguish between those who took it at first and those still queuing up.

    I was going to have it myself but the way that the media and various governments were trying to push it just didn’t smell right.

    Since is gate the media and I hate politicians it was an easy decision in the end.

    I think it was the nauseating video of de Blasio – ‘What? You’re say I can get this delicious burger? And there’s a fried element?’ – that did it, though I may be mixing up my timings.

    Any vaccine where local politicians stage press conferences at which they try to bribe adults with fast food shite to take it while talking to them like children simply isn’t a vaccine.

    PS my daughter is at university where a *very* well known epidemiologist lectures and that epidemiologist is privately advising students against. Some students have been recording his/her advice and attempting to dob her in.

  21. Some students have been recording his/her advice and attempting to dob her in.

    There’s never any shortage of Pavel Morozov’s, unfortunately. We can only hope they meet the same fate.

  22. Quite a famous pathologist at a university in the UK, sort of an old family colleague, was involved in this one famous death from a vaxx complications of one famous person working in one well known UK institution, he/she thinks the vaccine is dodgy as hell.

  23. @ BiS
    More than twice the age of your “friend of a friend”, haven’t bothered with a gym for more than 30 years (tried it after a dozen years working in an office and was deeply unimpressed), had both jabs and the booster for wrinklies.
    No, I’m not dead.
    Er, how many people do you know? The cumulative overall death rate in Spain from covid is 0.23%, the overall death rate in Spain during the pandemic is 3%, 13 times as high.
    So, unless you actually *know* this death was due to covid, the chances are 12:1 that it was just chance.

  24. In my immediate family and friends circle since the vaccines started I (non-vaxxed) have seen a) the death of my father (vaxxed, died peacefully in his chair, TBF he was very ill, and his passing was a mercy), b) death of a friends mother (within a week of vax, heart attack), c) close friend (vaxxed) having her breast cancer return after over a decade of remission, d) my mother having an allergic reaction to her vax booster, weird red welts appeared all over her body, e) acquaintance suffering Bells Palsy after vax, f) close friend suffering strange breathing issues, chest pain and lung issues (vaxxed, no previous history of such), g) close friend (vaxxed) suffering weird anomalies with her periods (woman in her 30s, not menopausal)

    IMO those who took the vaccines are f*cked. In the long term they will all suffer health issues as a result, and will also face catching every variant of covid there is in perpetuity, until eventually one episode kills them. Indeed its highly likely that covid will evolve to be a disease purely of the vaxxed, due to the evolutionary pressure to evade the wuhan spike protein response everyone who took the vax now has programmed into their immune system. Catching covid after vaccination does not give you full natural immunity so your immune system is stuck answering a question that was last asked over 2 years ago. You can never get full natural immunity once you have taken the vaxxes.

    Oh, and if the fertility drop thats being recorded across all vaxxed nations 9 months after they started vaxxing younger people continues, then its entirely possible that the West has signed its death warrant and will rapidly cease to exist.

  25. One US life assurance company posted the following death policy payouts:
    2019 = $500m,
    2020 = $548m,
    2021 = $1.4Bn.
    Another, that deaths in the 18 – 64 age cohort were up 40%.
    Apparently, “a 10% increase would be considered a once in 200 years event”.

  26. @ Adolff
    Covid deaths per million in the USA have almost caught up with Brazil’s since Biden assumed office (and are now approaching 20% higher on a cumulative basis than the UK’s so well over 25% higher since Jan 21) – deathly hush from the MSM, after two years vilifying Trump and Bolsonaro.

  27. It occurs to me that Long Covid that so many people claim to be suffering is not, as assumed, the result of the disease but is a manifestation of vaccine damage.

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