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Doing the sisterhood a lot of good here

Suella Braverman has accused leadership rival Penny Mordaunt of making her pregnancy “needlessly” stressful by allowing pro-trans activists to hijack maternity legislation.

On Sunday night an extraordinary row broke out between the two leading female candidates for Prime Minister as they both attempted to brandish their “anti-woke” credentials.

Umm, yeah:

Ms Braverman issued a detailed statement on Sunday night in which she described how an “indulgence of extremism” was responsible for a bill – which would have allowed her to go on maternity leave as a minister last year – being “needlessly delayed”.

Politicians normally are like cats in sacks but add the distaff and look what we get….

20 thoughts on “Doing the sisterhood a lot of good here”

  1. They should fight it out in a more seemly manner.

    In a big inflatable swimming pool

    Filled with Angel Delight.

  2. Remember the leadership cat-fight between May and Leadsom? Simply because Andrea mentioned that, like Merkel and Macron, Treason May didn’t have any skin in the game of life…… ie: children.

  3. @JuliaM, @Ottokring

    I reckon that would have been quite popular. Not for the kinks, but because it would certainly be more lively and entertaining than politics usually is…

  4. In less than 72 hours this absurd bunch* of not so much wannabes, more like nevershouldbeallowedtobes, have achieved the seemingly impossible by making Boris look relatively dignified.

    Not just these two, all of them, and I admit to being particularly disappointed by Suella.

  5. Apparently Kemi Badenoch is the right wing candidate du jour.

    She seems a bit wishy washy to me but I’m sure she will be portrayed as ‘far right, racist, homophobic, misogynist literally Hitler’ and disappear after the first round.

  6. I’ve met her a couple of times. Knows what she’s doing even if I’m not privy to her philosophy etc.

  7. I don’t want cabinet ministers, or even MPs taking maternity leave. Frankly, I want my MPs past the point where they’re having sprogs.

  8. Apparently Kemi Badenoch is the right wing candidate du jour.

    I hope she wins, if only for the comedy value of the labour party telling people to not vote for the black woman.

  9. @BiW

    But she’s not the right kind of black woman because she’s a Tory, so doesn’t count. Or something.

    Like they keep trumpeting on about having women on their front bench, when the Tories have had 2 lady PMs.

  10. As I’ve tried to say elsewhere, and been roundly downvoted for doing so, there are no perfect candidates so we need to get behind the least bad options which are Badenoch or Braverman in my book. Sunak, Javid, Hunt or Tugendhat would undoubtedly be worse and if the infighting goes on much longer we might end up with Starmer and Rayner.

    Endlessly repeating variants on “none of the above” isn’t helping. The left is rightly decried for living in an echo chamber but right now we’re in danger of copying them.

  11. Yeah problem is though. John, it is going to be stitchec up if not done so already. I reckon Sunak will win, because he’s the establishment candidate and will be the only man left standing. All the others will have to “drop out” like Leadsom had to.* The Tory High Command will not risk another membership vote.

    * It is possible that Truss is the other one.

  12. As someone on Twitter pointed out, the Conservative Party is just changing the driver of the train.
    The tracks have already been laid out and the destination decided.
    You don’t honestly think us plebs would be given a say in the matter?

    FWIW, it’s Badenoch for me too, impressive career, good life experience, and an actual conservative to boot. Not sure that Gove backing her is a good thing though!

  13. Otto do you remember the US media’s behaviour towards John McCain in 2008? All the way through the Republican primary they covered for him then, once he was chosen, unleashed everything they had been holding back on.

    Over the past few days our media has been suspiciously quiet about Rishi’s green card, his Uber-wealthy wife’s non-Dom tax status and the fact that whether under orders or not the current double digit inflation can be reasonably attributed to his profligacy. If/when he is chosen expect to hear/read about little else until the next election.

    The best we can hope for is a marginally less globalist opponent in the last 2 with the balls(or ovaries) of steel necessary to stand up to the inevitable onslaught intended to force them to withdraw.

  14. Spot on, John. And of course Sarah Palin was the perfect target : TEA Party with slightly wayward family. It still appals me years later how she was treated.

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