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Erm, yes, it actually is

Ballet has been dropped from auditions at a leading dance school as staff say it is rooted in “white European ideas”.

As other forms of dance are rooted in other cultural traditions. And we’ve not want white folk to be doing those other dances because that would be cultural appropriation, wouldn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Erm, yes, it actually is”

  1. A ballerina dancing to a string quartet. That’s real Enlightenment decadence !

    How about auditioning with an Elizabethan Moresque dance ? That’d make the examiners’ heads explode.

  2. Steve across the Pond

    This school will be churning out people qualified to “entertain” during the Super Bowl halftime show!

    Assuming it continues operating when people serious about dance go to schools serious about dance.

  3. Hmmm, never heard of the “northern school of contemporary dance” until now.

    Don’t imagine I’ll be hearing about it much longer.

  4. I’m glad they agree that it would’ve been wicked to enforce those white European ideas on the African colonists and abolish their hereditary slavery.

  5. I think they would be hard pressed not to find anything not rooted in white European ideas. For example what do they wash their clothes in, a washing machine or a river? How do they transport themselves any distance over a few miles? IC engine, electric motor?

    No doubt Ballet will be replaced with something more befitting the 21st century, most likely “Contemporary Twerking” or the sort of degenerate animalistic buffoonery that occurs at the Notting Hill Carnival.

  6. I thought the general idea was that most things white Europeans were proud of were stolen from elsewhere. Ballet, for example, originated among Africans in the holds of slave ships bound for the New World.

  7. Ballet is indeed rooted in White European Ideas.
    Specifically the exercises and forms used in Elizabethan-era rapier fencing.

    I suggest someone local with the neccessary skills and experience does audition over there and show the auditing committee what a Grand Jeté is really used for.

  8. “northern school of contemporary dance”

    Well, since you’d hardly consider Ballet to be contemporary, maybe they have a point, but as soon as I saw the rest of the woke cockwaffle about cultural this and white privilege that they lost me, so phuq ’em.

    Meanwhile Tarquin and Isolde will continue to train in classical ballet in their private academies, safely away from the rest of the plebs.

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