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Err, yes?

Shell has attacked the government’s energy profits levy on the North Sea, claiming that it will hit investment in oil and gas while failing to provide any incentive to invest in green energy.

The surprise is?

8 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. The surprise would be if they claimed it wasn’t enough and wanted to pay more. Don’t reporters get any exposure to the real world these days, or is it just that the meeja have decided feeding halfwits’ delusions is more profitable?

  2. So… Shell “escaped” the Netherlands to avoid the dividend tax, only to be hit by Flavour-du-Jour levies by the UK government..

    Colour me unsurprised and unsympathetic.

  3. Solar power is a busted flush as Gov’t now seeding sky with sun-block chemtrails

    Wondered why sky is flat gey, not clouds or clear blue becomes hazy blue in a few hours?

    I wasn’t convinced until Sunday when I saw the criss-cross trails then blue sky gone a few hours later

  4. Pcar

    You need to choose another addiction.
    Visit Texas.
    Blue skies.
    Blue skies.

  5. @BlokeInTejas

    They were not contrails. Too low and lasted way too long while slowly expanding until sky hazy then later flat grey – not clouds. Reports and photos of them all over UK

    As I said, until I saw the chemtrails in a giant noughts & crosses pattern with my own eyes I’ve kept quiet

    Gates, WEF etc have been advocating this for years

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