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For an economist this is weird

Ongoing challenges in component supply, exacerbated by restrictions in China, hampered the industry’s ability to fulfil demand.
There is good news in the product mix. Diesel and petrol fell and battery vehicles rose. But overall the marked decline is the issue.

We are in a country in recession territory now and the government is showing not the slightest sign of being aware of it.

Excess demand over available supply is evidence of recession now, is it?

8 thoughts on “For an economist this is weird”

  1. Not to defend him, but it depends dunnit ?

    If I need a million widgets to build the Molesworth Peason Electronik Brane but can only get 100,000 then my production run is screwed. I can mitigate this by increasing the price, but unless I can find an alternative, I am in serious danger of going out of business.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Otto, if you can source 100,000 widgets you could perhaps fall back on producing a Hauptmann Kartoffel Elektronik Brane instead?

  3. OT, but The Adam Smith website has been inaccessible to me for quite a few days now. Something my end or anyone else not having any access?

  4. I think we have established that his credentials as an economist are even more fraudulent than his accounting qualifications. His main accomplishment being a blanket ban from every hostelry in Downham Market (still
    Looking for the link in the deep web unfortunately)

  5. 100,000 widgets should be enough to build a Fotherington-Tomas Electronik Brane.

    Or 100 Prof Murphy Electronik Branes…

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