Gosh, d’ye think?

Its president can also gain access to the confidential tax declarations of companies or individuals. While these cannot be published, Mr Coquerel’s rivals claimed in the run-up to the vote of a risk that a Leftist radical could be tempted to breach this rule for political gain.

Although why that would be exclusive to leftists I’m not sure. Which politician wouldn’t abuse that power?

7 thoughts on “Gosh, d’ye think?”

  1. Especially in France.

    I thought abuse of power was the whole purpose of the Gallic state apparatus.

  2. I wish someone would leak Spud’s tax returns. The consistent refusal of this “champion of transparency” to publish them suggests there’s something in them he doesn’t want people to see.

  3. Bloke in Cornwall

    The kind of politician that would not abuse this power is an ethical one and the ones we want.

    Unfortunately they are rarer than unicorns.

  4. I fear that is because the left are the only ones bright enough to do so. The right doesn’t know its arse from its elbow. It thinks there are rules.

  5. BiC

    Beg to differ.

    Give me the immoral chancers every time, A Disraeli rather than a Gladstone. Walpole & Pitt, not North. Churchill not Chamberlain, etc,.

    I don’t want my political leaders to be my moral exemplars: I wan’t them to be lazy hustlers who get the job done.

  6. You do have a point Recusant.

    As I remember it, Bismarck was definitely not an ethical exemplar. But he certainly got the job done.

    The only occasion where he didn’t that comes to mind is the failure to reform the Army officer corps. The jobs were all reserved for the boys with ‘von’ in their names – like von Bismarck. Thus the 2nd Reich only had enough officers to command about half of the available cannon fodder. Unlike the Frogs, who rounded up about 90%.

    If Germany had conscripted like the French, they could have used Moltke the Elders’ strategy. A defensive in the West and a major push against the Russians. And they wouldn’t have pissed off the Brits by building their Luxury Fleet. So the threat of Britain supporting Kaiser Bill would have discouraged the Frogs from an offensive through Belgium.

    So maybe the Germans would’ve won WW1.

    But of course in this instance Bismarck was being unethical in the interests of his class, not those of the 2nd Reich.

  7. AFAIK in Finland all individual tax returns are accessible to the public. This may apply to corporations as well. And it doesn’t seem to have killed anyone. Yet.

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