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Haven’t we heard this story before?

Who should get vaccinated for monkeypox?
Because the vaccine supply is relatively low in the US, there’s a big difference between who should get vaccinated and who can get vaccinated.

Most people involved in the current outbreak have been gay and bisexual men, many of whom reported recently having multiple or anonymous sex partners.

It’s a disease of promiscuity….

22 thoughts on “Haven’t we heard this story before?”

  1. “Because the vaccine supply is relatively low in the US, there’s a big difference between who should get vaccinated and who can get vaccinated”

    What a shamefully elitist and discriminatory idea! I demand equal treatment in the allocation of the vaccine, and the fact that I haven’t been bummed by multiple blokes who bum monkeys should not condemn me to a second-class service!

  2. Nobody. It’s a relatively harmless virus, which because it spreads by close contact and symptoms are readily apparent, it has a low transmission rate.

    Furthermore vaccinating whilst a disease is spreading is contraindicated because vaccination takes on average 14 days to be effective (longer if two doses are required) during which time the individual’s immune system is weakened making them more susceptible to the disease and therefore more likely to spread it.

    And because of misleading advice being given about vaccines by the ‘experts’ it gives people a false sense of safety, thinking that as soon as they have been vaccinated they need no longer be careful about their behaviour and thereby expose themselves to increased risk of infection and severity of disease.

    This has been known for a long time, and is confirmed by the disastrous accelerated spread of CoV 2 particularly the Omicron variant during the booster campaign.

  3. I volunteer SAGE and all public health officials and politicians who forced the other jab on the populace. The rest of us can be the control group.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Everyone must be forced to have two doses and carry a vaccine passport demonstrating the number of jabs they have had.

    You will be vaccinated in order of risk, sexual degenerates first. The supply of vaccine will not be increased.

    This means only sexual degenerates will have access to theatres, planes, pubs, restaurants, etc, for the rest of forever.

  5. How did they test the vaccine? Promiscuous bum bandits in both the test and placebo groups? Compulsory participation in ‘pride’ celebrations?

  6. O/T An Update

    For those who dismissed this as a lie

    …Reduction in gas flow through the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany was (and is) due to a broken turbine sent by Germany to Canada for repair, but then retained by Canada due to sanctions against Russia…

    Read these

    Nord Stream 1: Canada to return repaired Russian pipeline part to Germany
    Canada will return to Germany the repaired turbine of the Russian Nord Stream 1 pipeline, vital for sustaining German gas supply. Ukraine has condemned the move, saying it undermines the sanctions against Russia
    Siemens had proposed the shipping of the turbine back to Germany first, rather than to Russia, as a solution to Canada’s legal dilemma. Berlin will then deliver it to Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom – but EU must approve sanction exemption first

    Canada waives Russia sanctions to ease Germany’s gas shortage
    Ottawa allows export of vital turbine to help repair Nordstream 1 pipeline

  7. In Vancouver they are going to offer the Monekypox vaccine at bathhouses, funnily enough they aren’t suggesting shutting the bathhouses

  8. A prediction…..It’s a cold, cloudy, windless November in the EU and UK’…..
    ‘OK Vlad, in light of the fact that you have achieved all your aims in the Donbass, we will allow you to turn our gas back on’.

  9. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Bogan, it is not prevailing in enough instances.

    End of year nuclear shutdown was confirmed by parliament last week. Greens want to bridge the gap by keeping coal power stations open. Fuelled 85% by Russian coal. Of which, how much even gets here with both sides blowing holes in Ukraine’s rail infrastructure every day?

    We are literally closing down energy here, in to the teeth of an foreseeable enormous supply shortage, that has already started. Just what the WEF are doing to food in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands.

  10. @BiFR

    I’ve been reading articles saying that in Germany, streetlights are being dimmed and heating rationed, and that’s now in summer.
    Any of that where you are?

  11. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    We need to cut energy usage, starting with all CDU/SPD/Green voters of the last 16 years.

    Those of us who did not vote for net zero nonsense should be able to continue heating our houses.

  12. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    @black dragon,

    There are reports.

    There is almost zero heating usage at the moment, but hot water is a thing. Some landlords (of larger blocks) are only putting it on at certain times of day. This is more likely a concern about ever getting the money off their tenants than anything – most rented accommodation does an annual accounting at the end of the year, but prices have shot up.

    I am personally in a very privileged position, secured energy prices for the next 18 months (electricity at about €0.27/kWh, new contracts now want €0.70 or more), heating is €0.06/kWh, from waste-incineration district heating. That can theoretically be shut off but the country will have descended into chaos and martial law long before that happens/is feasible. And if it is, I have air conditioning that can be run backwards, except of course there will be no electricity.

    I now have a stack of butane cartridges in the cellar, and a big battery pack. Trying to find a solar panel that will put some juice in it in suboptimal lighting. The one I got is OK when every square inch is in direct sunlight but gives up when 1 corner falls into shade.

  13. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The butane for cooking without elec, of course. I’m aware no feasible stash of campinggaz cans is going to last more than a day or two of winter if you want to heat a room with them.

  14. @Chernyy Drakon

    German parliament has said hot water in loos now turned off to show their virtue sacrifice. Whether they actually have is another story.

    German parliament rules “hot” water is water above 99c ?

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