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Hmm, well, maybe

A non-binary official has lost a High Court battle to preside over the employment tribunal of a primary school worker sacked for criticising teaching children about LGBT+ relationships.

Edward Lord, a member of the City of London Corporation, who asks to be referred to as “Mx” and “they”, was recused from the case involving Kristie Higgs because of fears they may be affected by “unconscious bias”.

It’s possible that they might be a little biased on this specific subject, yes.

She said Mx Lord’s public statements raised the “real possibility of unconscious bias”. Richard O’Dair, acting for Mrs Higgs, pointed to Mx Lord’s connection to groups such as the LGBT Foundation as an example of potential bias. Mermaids, the transgender campaigning group, had also been championed by the official, the tribunal was told.


30 thoughts on “Hmm, well, maybe”

  1. Just as well. If the tribunal had gone to judicial review/appeal it would have been thrown out thanks to MX Missile’s chairpersonship.

    I consider myself non-binary. I have been hexadecimal for years.

  2. . . . who asks to be referred to as “Mx” and “they” . . .

    The consequences of declining the request means it’s telling, not asking.

    How people are referred to in the third person should be a societal convention not an attention seeking exercise.

  3. What the Left doesn’t realize is that, when you go after J.K. Rowling for not agreeing with the last 5% of your ideology, you make it easier for the Right to view you as a monolithic group that automatically agrees on everything.

    “Well, he belongs to X group, so he’s obviously going to have Y beliefs.”

    Pretty counterproductive if you ask me. That’s what happens when you’re more concerned with everyone being like you than with finding a way to live peacefully with everyone.

  4. The LGBT Foundation is the same organisation that is trousering thousands upon thousands of pounds from health service orgs across the North West in order to push trans pride badges across the NHS and promote the cult of trans. See more here:

    I think that in this case to allow this activist to be in a position of authority in this tribunal would have been permitting bias and it was right to exclude this character from any involvement in this case. The fact that they are allied to two entities that hold views that are relevant to the case would have looked like a conflict of interest.

  5. @Ottokring: I’m old enough to have grown up octal and didn’t transition to hexadecimal until my 30s.

  6. The 45-year-old described plans for mandatory lessons, in which pupils are taught that same sex marriage is “exactly the same as traditional marriage”, and that gender is a “matter of choice, not biology,” as “a vicious form of totalitarianism”.

    Ladies and Gendermen, 12 years of Conservative government! (*Jazz Hands*)

    Mx Lord, a member of the Church of England

    Lol, of course xe is.

  7. Understandable. Was not JC himself a tranny? He’s repeated depicted in women’s togs. And did he not say ” Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not”? Wasn’t specific about how they were going to suffer, though, but no doubt he had ideas.

  8. PJF – How people are referred to in the third person should be a societal convention not an attention seeking exercise.

    But isn’t that exclusionary and discrimination against, eh… weird perverts?

  9. Was he a they when he or they first became a member or members of the City of London Corporation (or Corporations)? Do they get two seats at the top table (or tables).

  10. PF – I don’t think that’s M’Lud. The chap in the photo looks like he has strong views on ‘ephebophilia’

  11. The chap in the photo looks like he has strong views on ‘ephebophilia’

    They always do. The tranny movement could be destroyed overnight with a national raid on xer hard drives.

  12. ” I don’t think that’s M’Lud. The chap in the photo looks like he has strong views on ‘ephebophilia’”

    Definitely not Edward Lud, once of this parish. I had reason to contact him, via our host, and his real name was nothing to do with his internet moniker. I always assumed he chose ‘Edward Lud’ after the leader of the Luddites, Ned (or Edward) Ludd.

  13. I always suspected a connection with a pub called the Old King Lud on Ludgate Circus. Much used by the more disreputable members of the press & legal professions in its day.

  14. An honest, honorable person would have recused him/her/they-self on the grounds of perceived conflict of interest without having to be asked.

  15. SBML: I feel your pain. Of course the on-trend bunch are now all UTF-8. They don’t use pronouns – it’s all emojis. Mine’s U+1F4A9 but my browser didn’t render it 

  16. MC. The Trans movement’s supporters often tell us that crimes by trans types ‘hardly ever happen’ but that doesn’t seem to be the case. You may be interested in this site which details mostly British crimes committed by trans identified men. You may need to read this on an empty stomach as some of these criminals are absolutely vile.

    Whilst I’m the first to say that not every trans person is a wrong ‘un, there seem to be a lot of wrong’uns attracted to the trans activist movement.

  17. “ Is Mx Lord a Gaylord?”
    By identifying as another gender it means you aren’t really gay as your not a man that is sexually attracted to men. The extent to which trans is about people fooling themselves about their sexuality is open to debate, but old fashioned lesbians are concerned about going extinct as a lot of the young lesbians identify as trans instead of lesbian

  18. old fashioned lesbians are concerned about going extinct

    Can’t they just breed some more?

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