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Exceptionalism is the idea that a country is different to others, and better as a result.

Brexit was powered by exceptionalism. So too is Russian aggression. So is the indifference of those in power in the USA as to the impact of their decisions on its currency on developing countries a form of exceptionalism when that currency is used by so many other countries.

Exceptionalism is based on arrogance, mythology, and straightforward lies. Its founding assumption is that there is an indigenous people who are possessed of superior traits that occupy a territory. Racist and eugenic within itself, the claim is also very obviously false. The only truly identifiable human trait is our extraordinary commonality, rather than our differences. Exceptional individuals might exist. There is no evidence that exceptional populations do, although those capable of being deceived into brutality seem to be a recurring theme of history.

The logical conclusion being that there’s no reason the indigenes should be ruling Africa. Bring back colonialism!

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  1. In the U.S. the concept of “American Exceptionalism” has FA to do with how wonderful the people are. It has everything to do with the system – the Constitution, rule of law, life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, etc. The concept of “the American Dream” is about the freedom to try and the belief that anyone can make it here.

  2. Exceptionalism is based on arrogance, mythology, and straightforward lies.

    He makes that sound like a Bad Thing.

  3. I’d certainly hope most countries look at somewhere like Swaziland/ Eswatini and North Korea (for example) and think we probably shouldn’t be thinking of going down that route? I’d argue UK law was definitely superior to that coming out of the EU, and the shambles of trying to follow it outside the club arguably proves it. To equate Brexit with the Ukrainian invasion is obscene even by his low standards. Man is a congenital imbecile, scarcely above a drooling victim of Chlorine poisoning in World War One.

  4. Did he not have a pop at l’exception francaise too? Our ‘extraordinary commonality’ is hard to discern in the Taliban’s view of half of humanity.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Exceptionalism is based on arrogance, mythology, and straightforward lies

    So not unlike his blog.

  6. Must remember to quote him when the referendum about a separate house or whatever for abos is raised.

    However I’d argue that he has it exactly backwards when he suggests that the US and or westerners generally should concern themselves with other countries. Since there’s no inherent superiority, the foreigners can and should manage their own affairs.

    If they make a mess of them it’s their fault.

  7. From the same post

    Rentierism and exceptionalism can only survive if there is intolerance for dissent.

    Says the man who has blocked 20,000 people for disagreement on Twitter and calls anyone who days to question his belief system a ‘troll’ and prevents them from commenting. A level of cognitive dissonance that really should put him in a secure institution.

    The politics of envy is such a myth.

    Then you’ll leave our savings alone and let us deploy them how we wish?

    Religion both creates them, and is subject to them.

    I guess anti-semitism and Islamophobia are acceptable these days for this ‘human rights’ advocate…

    As a consequence, we have developed our own firm (sic) of twenty-first century fascism.

    It’s like something out of one of those old Robert Ludlum/ Alastair Maclean books. ‘The Tories are the continuation of IG Farben…’

    And respect for human rights, which are the opposite of intolerance could be restored.

    He could start with Article 1 of Protocol 1 of his beloved ECHR which states:

    ‘Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. No one shall be deprived of his possessions ‘

    So my pension and savings, you cretin, are not the property of you and assorted other idiotic scribblers to dispose of…

  8. Ah, I see he’s found a complicated way to lob irrelevant insults instead of arguments.

    “The only truly identifiable human trait is our extraordinary commonality”

    A human trait is common by definition. Since humans use sexual reproduction, commonality itself is not a distinguishing feature of the species.

    “Exceptional individuals might exist. There is no evidence that exceptional populations do.”

    Why assume that this ‘exceptionalism’ is based on racial or demographic grounds rather than institutional ones?

  9. I’ve noticed he’s leaving out his anti-capitalist exceptionalism. Double standards much?

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    As this is Spud I thought I’d look up the meaning of exceptionalism and as always he’s applied the Humpty Dumpty principle and then beaten up yet another massive straw man.

    The general consensus in online dictionaries is:

    “ the idea that a person, country or political system can be allowed to be different from, and perhaps better than, others:
    the popular belief in American exceptionalism”

    Taking them in reverse order. The USA is a Constitutional Republic with a written constitution, I think that makes them exceptional when I look around the world at other systems of government.

    As a constitutional monarchy with an unwritten constitution (strictly speaking not quite true, it’s not written down in one place) which has worked well enough to prevent a civil war for nearly 400 years
    I think that makes us an exception.

    As a country the USA is the richest large county in the world on a per capita basis. It’s hard to deny that being exceptional. We’re about 5th or 6th depending on the day of the week, again fairly exceptional for a cold foggy island on the edge of the world.

    As for individuals, we all believe we’re exceptional in our own ways, Spud appears to believe he’s more exceptional than everyone else.

  11. “Exceptional individuals might exist. There is no evidence that exceptional populations do.”

    So Murphy the Exceptional gets to rule over us fungible proles.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset said:
    “as always he’s applied the Humpty Dumpty principle and then beaten up yet another massive straw man”

    He’s doing better than usual then; normally the straw man wins.

  13. @Bloke in North Dorset

    Yes, the US and the UK are exceptional for the reasons you highlight (and for many others).

    Countries like France, Germany, Italy, Japan etc are also exceptional in their own, generally positive ways.

    Many countries in Africa for example are also exceptional: Exceptionally shite, exceptionally corrupt, exceptionally violent, exceptionally rapey, exceptionally backward……..

  14. He’s right, as usual, as I’ve found when travelling that it’s almost impossible to differentiate Luanda from Tokyo.

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