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How would we describe Rhiannon’s output?

I’m learning to live with my fear for my baby’s safety: it’s the price we pay for love
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

A restatement of the eternal verities or a new generation?

Or the same old shit that everyone already knows?

17 thoughts on “How would we describe Rhiannon’s output?”

  1. “it is only in the past century that we have been able to have much confidence that our babies will survive, and even then you have myriad terrifying, unpredictable threats: Sids, meningitis, polio – again.”

    Was she writing in praise of open borders before she started on this baby nonsense?

  2. “and yet somehow I coped” She’s such a heroic girl. Oops, should that be heroineic?

    The output, though, is pathetic. Let me count the ways.

    “a small, sick baby with a sick husband while also very sick myself” … “some very sick babies” … “”sick offspring”

    “part and parcel” … “a living reality” … “Fear … is the price we pay for love.” Clichéd.

    “My history of PTSD – which at one point manifested as health anxiety” Self-obsessed.

    And so on; the bleedin’ obvious reported in over-adverbed, over-commad, stream-of-unconsciousness piffle.

    On the other hand she is sound on Crick and Watson: “these past tragedies are somehow encoded in us”.

  3. The problem:-
    Very sickly
    Hellish experience

    The solution:-
    Old school cough syrup

    The question:-
    How much was she paid to write this drivel?

  4. However wanky, it’s still great that she feels love and anxiety for her baby instead of wanting to flush it down the bog.

    Hopefully her ramblings will prompt some broodiness.

  5. @ PJF

    Problem is, we don’t need people like her reproducing – the average IQ of the country is already heading rapidly downwards as we import (yes, yes, I know, free speech and all that, but can we leave the language a little politer than that, thank you) from all over the world. Better if she had of hoovered it out like her feminazi sisters.

  6. She’s writing what people want to hear, which is always “Your feelings on [subject] are valid”.

  7. She’s had a babbie and is feeling down. My old doctor would say it’s her woom telling her she needs another one to balance her fluids.

  8. @Francis Galton

    That IQ test is worse than useless. e.g. Q4 find the odd one out has four units of length and one of weight, but also four imperial units and one metric, so it’s ambiguous (plus, only one is the name of an animal, but that’s a bit obscure). Q6 was written by someone who has no knowledge of keyways, so there’s many right answers. Q13 requires knowledge of Greek myths, whereas an intelligence test should be testing intelligence and not knowledge. Many are just simple maths problems. etc. It’s a stupid person’s idea of what an intelligence test is.

  9. I’d like to know what price she pays for her late 1960’s Biba look frocks & hair styling? Asking for a friend. Or is she actually writing from then via a time capsule buried in the foundations of the Graun building? There’s a distinct odour of patchouli.

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