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Michael Thomson, also known as Andy, hid the funds from the Serious Fraud Office, which was investigating the collapse of the company. About £237 million of investors’ funds were in the scheme when it failed.

Well, OK, a gargantuan idiocy in the first place.

The chief executive of the collapsed investment company London Capital & Finance faces jail after admitting to concealing £95,000 from investigators which funded his luxury lifestyle.

Jeez, how stupid do you have to be? Run a £250 million scheme and get caught for under £100k?

6 thoughts on “Idiot”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    You don’t have much of a luxury lifestyle on £95k for long.

    Is that a reflection on how poorly run of the mill journalists are paid?

  2. What Ottokring said. Our wonderful SFO managed to find £95k, he obviously has stashed the rest somewhere they can’t find it.

  3. He’s spent the rest.

    Guys like that aren’t capable of stashing anything. They can’t resist the urge to spend.

    If he was not that type, he’d not have lived that lifestyle until after he was profitable.

    Same reason drug dealers never retire after a big payout.

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