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Oklahoma to execute death row prisoners nearly every month

Once is usually enough, isn’t it?

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  1. ’…a move that is likely to cause outrage among opponents of the death penalty.’

    The crimes for which they received this penalty didn’t cause any outrage, I suppose?

  2. His many who are against the death penalty are pro abortion on demand right up to term?

    On the other hand, how many who oppose abortion support death penalty?

    ‘But that’s different’ – may not be used.

  3. Take the Blackadder approach and do one in the morning and one in the afternoon and have the rest of the week off.

  4. John B- Im in favour of the death penalty as long as there is a proportionate penalty for all those on the state side when the state gets it wrong.
    Therefore if in a trial someone like Sally Clark is found guilty cos she’s a villain m’lud, then subsequently found to have been innocent but is already dead, the judge, prosecutor, expert witnesses who fibbed, and the staff who killed her all suffer the same penalty.
    At the moment those in favour of the death penalty & the willing minions of the state don’t have any skin in the game.

  5. Nessie

    You see this is the dilemma we hangers and floggers face. I used to be fervently in favour of the death penalty and believed that it should be reverted back to more sensible times when anyone stealing more than sixpence either was transported or had a one way trip on the Tube to what is now Marble Arch.

    Problem is, I consider the modern British state to be too inept either to find the perpetrators or successfully execute them without ballsing it up ( or indeed fitting someone up for the crime).

  6. Clearing a backlog, nothing to do with more death sentences being handed out.

    Surely, “Clearing a Blacklog”, which is why the useful idiots of Buy Large Mansions are involved? Given the disproportionate number of “Persons of Colour” in the list of Dead Mean not Walking.

  7. “ His many who are against the death penalty are pro abortion on demand right up to term?”

    In same vein how many of the ‘born in the wrong body’ would deny the existence of a soul

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m against the death penalty, but I’m slowly coming to the belief that maybe a bullet to the back of the head right after sentence has been passed might be more humane than dragging the process out for donkeys years and then some sort of, reported, painful ritual to please the ghouls.

    I also agree with Nessimmersion, at least as far as prosecutors goes. They have complete immunity, even when they lie and tamper with evidence. They should also receive a bullet as soon as their lie is proved beyond reasonable doubt.

  9. 《The crimes for which they received this penalty didn’t cause any outrage, I suppose?》

    Must outrage always result in death?

  10. Dear Nessimmersion, the mean time between sentencing and execution is about ten years, during which time the ambulance-chasers make a fine living from appeals and re-appeals ad infinitum. It happens so seldom that the accused is truly innocent that they make movies about it.

    I doubt that there is any justice in executing someone guilty of the violent dismemberment and death of a victim. If there were we would execute abortionists wouldn’t we?

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