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Isn’t British tennis improving?

No, not purely a jibe. But the plucky British outsider carrying the hopes of the nation and in with a chance of glory now falls out in the semis rather than round 2 of the qualifying. That’s an advance, right?

11 thoughts on “Isn’t British tennis improving?”

  1. British?

    Born in South Africa then moved to New Zealand and spent a grand total of 3 years in Britain before living in the US. Represented New Zealand before deciding on an apparent whim to represent Britain.

    Can’t decide who is less British – him or Rusedski.

  2. I feel a bit sorry for Emma R. She got really lucky at the US Open and the media now expects her to win everything, when she’s actually in the “not bad” category of the professional game.

    Well, sorry that is until I realise how much she must earn for endorsements. Then I think “G’wan, screw them for as much as you can get darling.”

  3. Canoe Reeves was born in Beirut Lebanon, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, New York USA, Spike Milligan, Ahmednagar India.
    As far as I am concerned it isn’t where you’re born that’s important it is the culture and values you live by.

    That’s why the ropers will never qualify as British…….

  4. Alex Issigonis doesn’t sound like a British name. He designed a British icon that revolutionised car design. So yeah, what Addolff said.

  5. @Stoneyground

    Issigonis and the others mentioned by Addolff spent the overwhelming majority of their lives in their respective countries. Norrie hasn’t, and as far as I’m concerned representing two nations is a nonsense.

    It’s akin to when the deadly mediocre darts player Paul Nicholson, born and bred in England, represented Australia against England in World Cup of darts, despite only living there for a few years. The Aussies didn’t take to him and neither did the majority of English darts fans. And rightly so.

  6. I’m with BiO, A flag of convenience attached to a top 50 peripatetic pro sportsman. Doesn’t mean i dislike the feller, but what am i supposed to be proud of? The SA junior sytem?, the EnZed development nous, the LTA funding offering?

  7. Compared to when? when I was young we kept expecting/hoping that Christine Truman (no relative to Fred) would win Wimbledon – eventually Ann Jones did.

  8. It used to be said that you could be capped for Ireland at football if your mother had owned a budgieu named Eamonn.

  9. Norrie only changed to being British because he got more money that way. He was quite apologetic about it to the NZ media when it happened.

    It was literally a mercenary decision.

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