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It would be really tough to work out this identity, wouldn’t it?

In July 2018, the ex-husband, Mario Villegas, accompanied his then-wife to three medical appointments — a consultation, the abortion and a follow-up. The woman, who “ProPublica” is not identifying for privacy reasons,

7 thoughts on “It would be really tough to work out this identity, wouldn’t it?”

  1. So the bloke was an accomplice before and after the fact. But he’s taken it into his head to harass his ex-wife through the courts.

  2. It’s always been about readership, not principles. They could give a rat’s arse about privacy.

  3. One welcome’s women to the joys of informed consent.

    The fusses bear a remarkable resemblance to the way that women retrospectively criminalise sex with them.

  4. There seems to be a very strange thing going on nowadays where great play is made of protecting privacy where it doesn’t matter (blurring out number plates in photos, for example), yet blithely throwing it to the four winds where it does.

  5. It Would Be Really Tought To Work Out This Identity, Wouldn’t It?

    Also probably doesn’t help that the whole thing is laid out in the Mainly Fail a mere 4 days ago (points deducted for usual inaccuracies, plus failure to mention how much their house is worth).

    Arizona judge moves to create estate for aborted fetus so dad can sue clinic for terminating his third wife’s pregnancy: Says staff broke laws by not telling ex-spouse of ‘satisfaction’ that being a mom can bring

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