Libel again, he needs to be careful

But what strikes me is that we have a government so akin to that which John Major an in the 90s. He was, of course, far from innocent, having an affair with Edwina Curry whilst prime minister,

No, it ended when he joined Maggie’s cabinet……

8 thoughts on “Libel again, he needs to be careful”

  1. A chronological error is not libellous on the face of it, surely? “Edwina Curry,” on the other hand, is presumably some kind of dish. The same cannot be said of Edwina Currie.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t know about the law, but I’d take that as a new accusation because it’s so easy to fact check dates of the known affair.

  3. Hello: a new currygate? Talking of which, does anyone think there’s any chance of Sir Kneel Starmer resigning over his Durham curry?

  4. Think there was a donation to charity, don’t know how much. It’ll have been costs that really hit though, no way to know what those were.

  5. “A chronological error is not libellous” – the whole point of the accusation being made here is that it’s implied to make things even worse (a bigger betrayal of the public or the office, perhaps? though admittedly this is not made clear) that he was having an affair while PM. But he wasn’t.

  6. M’Lud says: “Oh that c*nt Murphy again? I recommend you withdraw your case. He could plead insanity & I’d have to grant it. And he’s got no money anyway. You’re on a hiding to nothing.”

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