Nice try but no ceeegar

Ukraine must be rebuilt as a fortress of Western values – here’s a blueprint
If the people of Russia look across the border and see a beacon of Western capitalism, it will be the final rebuke to Vladimir Putin

How about the place be rebuilt as a fortress of Ukrainian values? That’s what folk are dying for isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Nice try but no ceeegar”

  1. @Jonathan: Fear everything, do as you are told, do not question the technocrats, and cancel the heretic.

  2. That’s what folk are dying for isn’t it?

    Narp. They’re dying over whether it should be a corrupt, poor satellite of the USA or Russia. Same thing they’ve been dying over since 2014.

    Independence was never on the cards, that Slava Uganda stuff is for the gullible and the glorious dead.

    It’s also optimistic to talk of a Marshall Plan for Ukraine when (a) the people who are supposedly going to fund it are already broke, and (b) Ukraine is about to lose, or has already lost, the majority of their GDP to separatists and refugee outflows. The breakaway regions are the wealthy parts of Ukraine, where most of their industry was based. The pro-Western bit is the traditionally poorer part of Ukraine, which is keen on EU membership so they can get EU passports and leave Ukranine.

    The EU and UK are going to have bigger problems come the winter, such as “heating” and “keeping the lights on”. Trusting the US didn’t work out so well for the Afghan government or that rando in Venezuela. But this isn’t an actual plan anyway, it’s just a different flavour of copium now that it’s no longer realistically possible to pretend Army Detachment Steiner can win the war:

    The best way to demonstrate that Russia has been defeated is to create a vibrant new country with a dynamic economy out of the rubble.

    Sure it will. Joe Biden’s crackhead son did a bang up job last time, didn’t he?

  3. ‘… the place be rebuilt as a fortress of Ukrainian values? That’s what folk are dying for isn’t it?‘

    No they are dying because of post-war US geopolitical adventurism and incompetence and for the further expansion of the Fourth Reich aka EU into which the Ukraine Nazis will fit nicely.

  4. Getting involved in a foreign conflict without first understanding the culture? Where have we seen this before?

  5. Dbdhdjf – also we’re seeing more of this:

    And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.

    Seems like the Western world is lurching between a succession of self-inflicted crises based on highly emotive and dishonest narratives (racism, climate change, Russia) spread thru algorithmically enhanced fear and hate. There’s no more adults in the room – can you imagine Mrs Thatcher behaving like Boris, Joe or Liz?

    It’s all a bit Crisis of the Third Century, but with dumber people at the helm.

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