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No George, no, they didn’t

It feels like the end game. In the US last week, the third perverse and highly partisan supreme court decision in a few days made American efforts to prevent climate breakdown almost impossible. Ruling in favour of the state of West Virginia, the court decided that the Environmental Protection Agency is not entitled to restrict carbon dioxide emissions from power stations.

What they said is that the EPA sure can reglaute. Bit when it’s a big regulatory ask Congress actually has to pass a law specifically stating that the EPA should do that big regulating.

And that is all. Want big stuff done by government? Pass a law.

It’s democracy v plutocracy – this is the endgame for our planet
George Monbiot

It’s, erm, more democratic that way, d’ye see? The elected legislature passes a law, the bureaucracy gets on with implementation. Instead of the unelected bureaucracy inventing rules which it then enforces itself. Democracy?

9 thoughts on “No George, no, they didn’t”

  1. Seems like some non-American don’t understand how the American political system works. And how it should work. Maybe they need to do some more research.

  2. Sad, I think there are rather more than a few Americans who don’t understand how the American political system should work, but in whatever country, these people are all in favour of democracy only when it suits their desired ourcome.

  3. “This is the endgame for our planet.”
    George Monbiot

    Prophets of doom are always wrong. Always, there has never been a single exception.

  4. Monbiot would not know democracy if it headbutted out his top row of teeth. A rare being who may be closer to pure evil than Richard Murphy.

  5. As Peggy Noonan put it in 2016, much of the 21st Century experience is being patronized by… wait, didn’t I just say that?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    The left aren’t interested in democracy unless it serves a short term goal, for them it has always been a case of the end justifying the means.

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