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Treat the Empire with extreme care, BBC tells Antiques Roadshow hosts
Presenters are being urged to address colonial history with more sensitivity to avoid backlash, documents reveal

“Empire”, when used of furniture and antiques, normally refers to the Frogs, doesn’t it? Why would anyone have to be sensitive in what we say about them?

4 thoughts on “Odd”

  1. “address colonial history with more sensitivity to avoid backlash”

    Don’t talk about lashed backs!

  2. So a policy seemingly dreamt up because a few people commented about the what an expert said about a ring from India. Sounds normal. And the link in the Tele story about plundering of antiquities actually says that they saved the items from being lost forever so doesn’t back up the story. Sounds normal.

  3. Must admit Tim, that I never thought the Frogs were sensitive about what they said about the Brits.

    Though I did like Johannes Leak’s cartoon about Albo kissing Macron’s arse.

  4. As Peggy Noonan put it in 2016, much of the 21st Century experience is being patronized by one’s intellectual inferiors.

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