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Government still functions today as it did yesterday, the day before.

The Prime Minister was on the brink of being ousted as more frontbench walkouts took the total of Tory MPs quitting official posts over the past two days beyond 40.

So, that’s 40 official positions, ministerial posts, that we don’t have to pay for in future then, isn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Remarkably…..”

  1. Rt Hon Ottokring PC MP

    I was thinking of writing up and resigning as Minister of State for Paper Clips and see if the Treasury will send me a severance cheque in all the confusion.

  2. Specifically, the Prime is on the brink of being ousted by a set of interchangeable suits all set to implement exactly the same disastrous set of socialist policies.

  3. Most of the ministers are just looking towards their new job. They don’t want to be associated with Boris, not when the new PM won’t want Boris fans in their new cabinet.

  4. “Government still functions today as it did yesterday, the day before.”

    It depends on your definition of ‘functions’ I suppose………the government apparatus still exists, whether its doing anything is another matter. Presumably in the absence of a minister to sign off on things lots of ‘work’ will be piling up waiting for another rubber stamp to be appointed.

  5. Ah… seems it took 50+ backstabbers for him to fold….

    Looks like he went for Caesarian martyrdom.

  6. The Belgian lesson is you’re right, it doesn’t matter, so long as you don’t want anything to change, or if you don’t trust the clowns to make any good changes. If you want useful change, you need people both competent and in charge.

  7. I would say I have more respect for shitty politicians when they’re self-aware enough to know they fucked up, but it’s clear Boris Nixon was just reacting to the polls here. There will likely be no self-reflection, and any future interviews with him will look like this:

  8. Zahawi lied in Parliament when he said that there were no plans for vaccine passports. The Govt had already issued request for tenders to software companies to write the app.

    Stringing the fucker up is too good for him.

  9. I’m throwing my inconsiderable weight behind Steve Baker – local lad done good – but I recognise that’s a lost cause.

  10. If the fat twat had lasted into the New Year, there’s a good chance we’d have been having regular blackouts, rationing of fuel, (and maybe food), and riots in the streets. Then there might have been a chance for someone, (like Baker), to get themselves elected who might have had a chance to stamp on the net zero garbage and all the rest of the globalist bollocks.

    As it is, I reckon the greenies and rejoiners will get their person in and when the SHTF they’ll blame Boris and carry on wrecking the economy and the country regardless.

    Even in the manner of his leaving, the fat c*nt f***ed up.

  11. that’s 40 official positions, ministerial posts, that we don’t have to pay for in future then, isn’t it?

    Exactly my thought when I heard news. Perfect time for a cull of Depts, SoSs and Ministers

    Minister Joe Never Heard Of resigns as Minister for Crisps & Peanuts

    @asiaseen, Ottokring
    +1 Zahawi lied as did Hancock and Javid

    Zahawi looks like a tyrant and reminds me of Ming The Merciless

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