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Downblousing is to be criminalised under a shake-up of laws to crack down on the sharing of intimate images.

The Law Commission has proposed a new all-encompassing “base” offence to make it illegal for someone to intentionally take or share an intimate image of a person without their consent.

The move would criminalise downblousing, which is currently exempt because of the current “patchwork” of offences that the Commission says has not kept pace with technology.

For of course no women, ever, dress to emphasise the embonpoint now, do they? The advertising of a cracking pair is just something never, ever, done?

16 thoughts on “Rilly?”

  1. Considering you need to be above a woman to look down their blouse, shouldn’t side blousing be banned as that is more likely and prevalent. When I walk around Manchester in hot weather it can get very dangerous as I’m distracted and could walk into the road or into a lamp post.

  2. ‘ Why not just outlaw photography of women entirely?’

    Because there no longer are any women.

    And… exactly how will ‘intimate image’ be defined?

  3. Take a picture with a woman leaning over somewhere in the background, go to prison!

    I note all the people saying what a good idea it is are victims of revenge porn and the like, which is entirely different. Clearly the communists are just trying to expand the ways in which they can criminalize anyone they want 🙁

  4. SBML… And sideboob, underboob, all-around boob, pokey nipples, megacleavage…..

    You’d almost think that the women who don’t hate men out of principle do their damnedest to present their gifts of nature to the world in general as soon as the weather allows it..

  5. The side bar of shame in The Mail is bolloxed then.

    A change perhaps (long lens beach bikini shots might become dodgy) but there’ll be no shortage of women consenting to be seen “intimately”. Emily Ratajkowski is a role model.

    There used to be a commenter here who was always sounding off about “neo-puritans”. He wasn’t far off.

  6. “And… exactly how will ‘intimate image’ be defined?”

    If the torrent of excerably bad law we’ve seen over the last twenty years or so is anything to go by, it’ll be whatever the “victim” says it is.

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