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Risky, but could be a damn good job

Sometimes there are writing gigs that come along that are really well worth doing – or at least trying out. This is one of them:

We are seeking hungry writers/bloggers to add to our team. You don’t have to have an English or Journalism major but we do expect decent grammar. You don’t have to post 10,000 word editorials. We are looking for somebody who can pump out fast content as breaking news hits, rumors start circulating, etc.

Our writing spots also offer paid commission via pageviews generated. You would be writing for Gridiron Heroics.

They need one writer per NFL/NCAA team. The pay per view idea offers the opportunity of significant income. Of course, I’m not going for it because I know little about American football and care less. But for someone into it – if anyone knows nephews and nieces looking for a decent gig in sports writing say – then it’s worth pointing them at this.

It might not work out, that’s true. But it could, and if it does then writers with traffic will do very well. I made – different subject of course – $80k a year on a different site under a similar deal.

3 thoughts on “Risky, but could be a damn good job”

  1. Job details

    $24,000 – $85,000 a year

    Any guess which end of that remarkably wide range is the more likely?

  2. Can’t see how they’re going to sell it. There’s an unlimited number of people can put a few interesting words together & will do so for free. Being paid to write is essentially fucked. No doubt there will be several people out there who blog on each team. And competition will be sorting out the most popular. And writers who expect to be paid are usually shit. (see MSM)
    Maybe an aggregation site for the entire league might attract advertisers. But I expect this will be dead the water. One might be able to skim some money off it in the process of failure though.

  3. Sure it’s not like the other one you posted about? At some point they’ll be asking for a registration fee? There is also an unlimited supply of the gullible out there to be grazed off.

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