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Seems a fairly specialised interest

Woman does a poo during violent Primark brawl as shoppers watch in horror
Customers were left stunned after a woman was seen to have defecated on herself during a scrap in Birmingham’s high street store on July 9 in a viral video posted to Twitter

Having checked the body types so you don’t have to, a very, very, specialised interest.

8 thoughts on “Seems a fairly specialised interest”

  1. The fat lady thought she’d get away with that assault, but she really stepped in it this time.

  2. I happen to be familiar with said store, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    Typical customer is either hard up student or tight fisted vibrant without taste or style.

    Sports Direct recently opened up a similar multi level superstore just up from Primark with same sort of clientel.

    Was amused a while back to see Security having a running fight with the shoplifters at Poundland up the road FFS!

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