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British troops banned from paying for prostitutes while overseas
MoD launches new plan to crack down on unacceptable sexual behaviour in the Armed Forces

Oh Brave New World. Camp followers have been a thing for how long? Genesis? Gilgamesh?

19 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I heard many time from people who’d served in Belize that the MO used to regularly check the girls in one of the brothels.

    A ship’s doctor I knew said at the start of deployment he used to ring a date on the calendar and tell the crew if they caught anything before that date he’d have it cleared up before they got back to port, anything after and they’d have to do some awkward explaining to wives and girlfriends.

    This policy will lead to more harassment of local girls, which will be far worse politically.

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    BiND, perhaps the local girls may not object too much.

    A story from a Highland town with a barracks, in the 1960s.

    A young lass kept being knocked up. When her third was on its way, the girl was tackled by a senior lady, either her headmistress or the Matron of the hospital.

    The wench responded “It’s thae Cameronians, Ma’am. Ah canna resist them.”

  3. As Spike Milligan recounted in his war memoirs, a squaddie was up before the beak for licentious behaviour. When asked if he had anything to say, he replied: ” Aye, you’ll never stop fookin’ in Bradford…”

  4. “British troops banned from paying for prostitutes while overseas”

    They have to move with the times. Everything’s subscription only these days.

  5. A mate was a merchant seaman, going round the world on the QE2 and Canberra. He was hauled up in front of the captain after a women complained he’d had ‘relations’ with her. It only became a problem when she found he’d had ‘relations’ with her two friends as well. The Captain said he’d been “tampering with the cargo”.

  6. When Maj Gen Ironside’s force occupied Archangel in 1918/19, there were over 300 reported cases of VD in the British forces
    Two thirds could be traced back to the same woman.

  7. It’s all indicative of how unnecessary most of the military is now, and how useless they’d be if we had a proper war. We’re not going to be storming the beaches of Caen, or even going into Afghanistan again. So the place can prioritise the preferences of Sunday School teachers.

    If we ever needed to have a proper military again, you’d soon find all the trannies unemployed, the women kicked out and a bunch of hard-drinking, whoring killers back in the jobs.

  8. This seems to contradict the current theme that “sex workers” are really just fine people, not really any different from any other occupation. Or am I missing something?

  9. British troops banned from paying for prostitutes while overseas

    Presumably still can in the UK then?

  10. Steve Says Never Kiss Them On The Mouth

    Feminist logic: sex work is real work that must be respected, and paying for whores is also oppressive Patriarchal abuse that must be punished.

    Idk what we’d expect from our “brave” (lol) armed forces after they decided the traditional naval toast to wives and sweethearts wasn’t PC. I’m just surprised they haven’t yet officially started recruiting Thai ladyboys to twerk on the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth in order to confound and arouse* the dastardly Chinese.

    *I don’t find them attractive, it’s just confusing

  11. Of course they’re banned from paying.
    The ladies (etc) will be available free at the point of use, paid by the NHS.
    That way, they can come with a guarantee of fitness for taste and general good health.

  12. Found the reference now. in Archangel under Maj Gen Ironside there were

    6293 British soldiers.

    The MO reported at the end of the deployment

    324 cases of VD
    214 of which attributable to the same woman

  13. Eh. The US military did this 20 years ago. I don’t know about you guys but even us in the Navy didn’t frequent prostitutes often enough for this to matter. And it was ignored anyway.

  14. Esteban
    July 21, 2022 at 10:10 am

    This seems to contradict the current theme that “sex workers” are really just fine people, not really any different from any other occupation. Or am I missing something?

    Like many things, they are two things at once – simultaneously just people in a job who deserve the same respect and safety as anyone else providing a service and poor, exploited victims of sex trafficking.

    It all just depends on what constituency the politician is talking to at the moment.

  15. Men pay prostitutes for them to shut up and go away afterwards. Assuming that some portion of the sex-seeking troops are male heteros, a lot of local girls are going to come knocking on the MoD’s door, babies in arms.

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