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Some would differ you know……

Conservative leadership frontrunner Liz Truss has used her knowledge of the world of Right-wing think tanks to plunder the best of Westminster wonkland to help run her campaign.

The Foreign Secretary knows the value of policy advice, having helped to play a role in the development of the centre-Right think tank Reform.

Ms Truss has ensured that a grounding in some of Westminster’s best-known think tanks runs like a golden thread through her top team.

Given that I wasn’t approached how dare they say finest minds?

Then again, probably not me if you’re looking for something middle of the road, safe pair of hands, eh? Blowing up the Green Belt might not be quite the way to lead the Tory Party.

On other promises today: “Rishi Sunak: I’ll save Britain’s ‘precious’ green belt”

20 thoughts on “Some would differ you know……”

  1. Otto – yarp. And maybe that’s why they hate Boris so much. He is unpardonably heterosexual.

    It’s a poisoned soy latte tho. Yesterday they were talking about electricity bills reaching £500 a month in January. Lot of people can’t afford that, and the magic money tree is looking pretty fucking bare. What happens then? The Poll Tax riots erupted over less.

    We all hope the cost of living crisis is temporary, but what if it’s not? What if there’s no affordable replacement for Russian hydrocarbons? Maybe there could be in a 5-10 year window, if Europe and the UK get fracking yesterday. But they don’t want to.

  2. It is indeed fortunate that we did not decommission those coal-fired power stations sitting on 200+ years of coal

  3. @Ottokring – July 28, 2022 at 7:59 am

    By the looks if things, being gay helps a lot.

    … and from looking at their photos on “Guido’s” web-site – being very young and totally lacking in any experience of the real world, productive work, etc etc was also a pre-requisite for selection.

    They all looked like their mums would be worried that they were out late!

  4. Yep Steve. They really need to drive a stake through the heart of Net Zero.

    Of course in dear old Oz, Labor is making a deal with the Greens to get an even worse policy through Parliament than they went into the election with. I think the stake is going to be driven through our hearts instead.

  5. Boganboy – I, for one, look forward to the vibrant, sustainable, low-carbon Mad Max future.

    Starfish – I think we’ve got 2 coal fired generators on standby at Drax, with the possibility of a third. Every little helps, but there’s no indication that UK Gov is serious about solving the energy crisis (why not fire up the coal plants now? Why not get fracking now? Why not cut fuel taxes now?). They do seem to be serious about delivering eco poverty tho.

  6. The coal fired plant near me (I can see the vast columns of CO2 that arise – ©Science™) was due to shut this year but has been given a reprieve – hopefully indefinitely. The Met Office is claiming that sea levels around the UK have risen by six and a half inches since 1990, so soon the energy shortage will be solved by the consumers being drowned.

  7. “The Poll Tax riots erupted over less.”
    The Poll Tax Riots were orchestrated as the usual leftist thugs used as the non-democratic facet of many left-wing political campaigns. Usually guaranteed to draw in adequate numbers of the yoof looking for a day’s edgy entertainment smashing things. In London, heavily sponsored by Red Ken et al. The Community Charge was actually quite popular with the majority of people. I know I saw my local taxation a bit less than halved, from being the highest in the entire country. A lot of the people rioting it weren’t even paying it apart from a 4 quid odd token monthly contribution. But very unpopular with large households who’d been previously freeloading on the majority. Guess who they were? And who got featured in media sob stories? And of course local authorities who were facing the consequences of their own revenue raising. Whole thing got slanted by a heavily left sympathetic media (esp BBC) who were determined to unseat Fatcher by any available means. It’s something where history has been heavily & comprehensively rewritten.
    Whether you’d get the same over energy prices is doubtful. The required footsoldiers aren’t really directly affected by them. Other people pay their bills. You really see the suburban middle classes taking to the streets? FFS! They might miss Strictly.

  8. “The Met Office is claiming that sea levels around the UK have risen by six and a half inches since 1990,”
    So areas around Malden, Essex are now permanently flooded? Funny. No-one I know there has noticed.

  9. Ah BiS sounds like you were living in Wandsworth borough.

    I was in Tooting at the time and only lefties objected to it, especially ones who lived in Lambeth (lol).

  10. 6.5 inch in 30 years, eh?
    UK coast must be pretty special then, given that us nextdoor neighbours sitting at the same bit of water only registered 10,6 inches over the past 140 years, quite linear as well..
    ( unfortunately not available in english anymore.. 🙁 )

    So.. for the same period that would be only 2,8 inches at the other side of the North Sea.. And us cloggies do tend to have a vested interest on keeping an eye on that stuff and getting it right. For Reasons…

  11. PJF – The Met Office is claiming that sea levels around the UK have risen by six and a half inches since 1990

    Who are you gonna believe? Science™!, or your own lying eyes?

    BiS – if I’m right about this, and hopefully I’m not, we’re entering uncharted territory. A perfect shitstorm that’s gonna be multiples worse than the 2008 crisis. No telling what will happen.

    Except this, natch: the same types of people who stood to gain from formenting unrest under Mrs Thatcher are still around and have every incentive to cause trouble for Mrs Truss.

  12. Steve,

    “Except this, natch: the same types of people who stood to gain from formenting unrest under Mrs Thatcher are still around and have every incentive to cause trouble for Mrs Truss.”

    I think it’s worse. At least Mrs Thatch had the will to destroy socialism and change the incentives towards a robust, responsible society. What have the Tories done? They’ve fed it. “Our NHS” cock off. They’ve thrown billions at even more shitty rail than we already have. The universities are still getting billions so they can foment socialist treason.

    I think Truss is the best hope but she’s now saying she wants to do the whole of Northern Shitehouse Rail so that we can have half-empty unreliable high speed trains between Manchester and Leeds. So unless this is a “YOLO Bitches” and starts pulling up the tracks 5 minutes into office, I might as well vote for Reform.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    It is in theory possible for both to be true, although I don’t think the south of England is sinking that fast.

    Its also a nice bit of sleight of hand from the Met Office.

  14. BoM4 – spot on. The Blob is also much bolder than it used to be. The mainstream of lefty opinion used to be a bit more circumspect about stuff like open treason, and there was even a time when the police weren’t partisan political players.

    I have no hope in Truss, or the Conservative Party, but I’d rather she won because it can always get worse (Hissy Rishi or Penny Fucking Mordaunt).

    And you never know, maybe she’ll turn out to be ok. How’s that for a slice of fried optimism?

  15. @Steve
    To get yourself a riot, you have to get a sufficient number of people on the streets on some issue that’s important to them. That then brings out the ones just like a bit of street theatre. This gives you the cover to kick one off because the police initially can’t tell who’s a peaceful protester & who’s causing the shit. The idea’s to get the street theatre fanciers to join in the performance art.
    But I don’t think this’ll fly on energy prices. Too much of the potential cannon fodder’s been brainwashed into thinking any energy use is a sin. The more you sin, the more you should pay.
    I’m not saying they won’t manage to kick off a riot. But not on this issue

  16. It was LBO Haringey had the highest council taxes, Ottokring. The CC went down so much because the borough had a high rate of multiple occupancy. Which was why we had such high rates

  17. @PJF
    The Met Office is claiming that sea levels around the UK have risen by six and a half inches since 1990

    They haven’t South of GB is sinking as North rises as last ice-age rebound continues

    Also, if a six, twelve, twenty four… inch sea level rise floods your home you were a f*cking fool to build/buy it considering UK tide is ~20-30ft and super high tides happen

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