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The Prosperity Gospel does work of course

A New York City preacher was robbed of more than $1m worth of jewellery while delivering a livestreamed sermon on Sunday when armed bandits crashed his Brooklyn church.

It’s who it works for that is at issue…..

10 thoughts on “The Prosperity Gospel does work of course”

  1. @BiW Yes and No.. They were extremely powerful nobles who managed vast properties. Quite often comparable to dukes/marquis in power and military might and they used that power..

    Difference was, of course, that the title wasn’t hereditary and they had all that stuff literally on Loan. They themselves didn’t own their territories, the Church did. So they were technically poor.
    Didn’t mean they couldn’t hand out very lucrative contracts/positions to those in their in-crowd.. So in that respect they were quite rich and not frugal at all.
    Especially the more …ambitious.. warmongers amongst them.

  2. Luke 6:30 Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.

    Why is he offering a reward for the return of his goods?

  3. Mediaeval bishops were of course famously frugal and all lived in poverty

    And, of course, the grand palaces in which they were forced to live were, in truth, mere tied cottages.

    As for the “Bishop” (self-styled I bet)
    Miller-Whitehead defended his lavish lifestyle, saying he’s “going to live his life the way God has it set up for him”.
    “It’s not about me being flashy,” Miller-Whitehead said. “It’s about me, purchasing what I want to purchase. And it’s my prerogative to purchase what I want to purchase.”

    Then it is also the prerogative of the robbers in he interests of equity and inclusion to relieve you of it all.

  4. Dennis, Correct And Therefore Hateful

    I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t the white supremacists.

    My bet is on “aspiring rappers”.

  5. There’s a yarn somewhere in the small fragments of literature that survive from the Dark Ages of a meeting to be held by a bishop of the British Church and a bishop of the new, intrusive Roman Church.

    The former judged the latter a bad lot because he did not show humility: he should have walked to the meeting or, if frail, ridden a donkey. But he turned up in style instead.

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