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This is also very odd

Air pollution has been linked to a rise in dementia in a new major review carried out on behalf of the UK Government.

The link between air pollution and an increased risk of declining brain function was confirmed on Tuesday after researchers analysed dozens of human studies.

So, given that pollution is lower now than it has been for centuries, there’s less dementia around, yes?

15 thoughts on “This is also very odd”

  1. No. We have more old people and they live longer, so we’d expect more dementia unless pollution is a substantial (rather than contributory) cause.

    As for the study, it’s a review (i.e. not actual research) by PHE UKHSA, using Imperial College, on risk factor epidemiology studies. And it still didn’t find a very strong link. I’d therefore bet that no substantial link exists.

  2. Damn JK277. I was hoping you’d point out that we need more smog to keep the white haired old bastards like me relatively sane!!!

  3. it’s a review (i.e. not actual research) by PHE UKHSA, using Imperial College, on risk factor epidemiology studies

    Imperial? Did they ask the Astrologer Royal to contribute some computer modelling?

  4. Well they need a new ‘theory’ to replace the debunked ‘sticky plaque’ theory that was popular for a couple of decades, which took over from aluminium poisoning from using aluminium pans which were popular in the 50s and 60s.

  5. @Boganboy: I would never recommend as outlandish a goal as sanity.

    @Bloke in Wales: No, it was Professor Frank Kelly, who seems to be a specialist in medical effects of particulates and air pollutants. Both from the School for Public Health there though.

  6. “analysed dozens of human studies.”

    With a sample size of one, I can ‘prove’ anything.
    And computer modelling, ah, rubs hands in glee, I can see them suckers just begging to be fleeced…

    Perhaps, when everyone died of malnutrition, pneumonia, child-birth, black lung or industrial accident before they retired, there weren’t many oldies to get senile?

    So isn’t the rise in dementia a good sign of how our physical health is so much improved?

  7. I think we should all stay indoors for another couple of years till tha BBC tell us it’s OK.

    Mind you, the citizens of Kahnistan should be fine as long as the wind doesn’t blow and bring in all that nasty stuff from the M25…

    Unless the mayor extends his zone to include that. Which he may well do as I understand he’s discovered several hundred unemployed cousins.

  8. What? A “specialist in medical effects of particulates” opines that particulates are very important for headline-grabbing reasons? You astonish me. Next you’ll stagger me by drawing attention to his suggestions that much more money should be spent investigating the matter.

  9. “Air pollution has been linked to a rise in dementia…”

    Shouldn’t it say “A rise in dementia has been linked to air pollution” ?

    The way that it is worded it appears to be implying that pollution is being caused by dementia. People forgetting to switch their car engine off maybe.

  10. Er, anyone still alive, old enough to develop dementia, would most likely have experienced high levels of air pollution when they were younger. If they happened to live or work in London during the early ’50s, say.

    So, the link may be real.

    On the other hand, if the link is real, then since air pollution has been dropping since those days, then the incidence of dementia amongst the oldies in about 30~50 years time, might well turn out to be lower.

    All we have to do is wait.

  11. “Experts” say that sleeping badly can lead to heart attacks. “Experts” say that sitting on the beach could lead to sudden death. “Experts” say anything to get some press coverage.

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