Umm, right

Cumdumping is when two men have unprotected anal sex and the penetrative partner ejaculates into the receptive partner’s anus. The receptive partners call themselves cumdumps. Men who are into the kink often get off on the number of loads they receive. It’s a misunderstood — and often maligned — kink. Earlier this year, for example, various sectors of Gay Twitter came together to comment on one man’s cumdump session after it went viral. The man, then known as @breedlacumhole, gleefully posted that he had accomplished his goal of getting 75 loads in a span of 24 hours. People made YouTube videos weighing in on the drama, which ignited a conversation around sex positivity and the limits of the phrase.

When Buzzfeed is running this stuff, umm.

Also, it becomes clearer why HIV spread in certain communities…..

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  1. Yep, I can see why we need a set of stamps to celebrate this sort of degeneracy.

    Cumdumping, wasn’t that a song by Chumbawamba?

  2. The “novelty” stage is the first step. Then cums:

    2. “Cumdumping is a legitimate kink that should be respected and kept to limited environments.”

    3. “Only cumdumper-exclusionary bigots would limit this behavior to adult-only environments. I’m proud of my cumdumping friends. See my emoji? See how proud I am?”

    4. “We’d like to introduce the cumdumping stripe to the LGBTQI2APP+ flag. Hopefully this will change minds and shape perspectives on this underrepresented group.”

    5. “Why aren’t there more cumdumpsters represented in mass media? Here, this hashtag should handle it.”

    6. “Welcome to my TikTok. I’m a kindergarten educator who identifies as a cumdumpster, and i’m doing the heroic work of introducing my lifestyle to children before their fascist parents teach them otherwise. Communism (we call it ‘cummunism’) ties into this somehow, too. I’m just like my great-grandfather who stormed the beaches at Normandy.”

    7. “Welcome to the 98th annual Academy Awards. We are all wearing a soaking wet white ribbon in solidarity with the cumdumpster community. And we stand firm against the backwards rednecks in San Francisco who say we’ve gone too far!”

    8. “Parents and school board members in New Jersey clashed on Monday, as the governor defended his new ‘Cum Together’ inclusion initiative in K-12 public education. Please visit the link below to donate to this cause and save the children from transphobia. This is CNN.”

    9. “State and local leaders are astounded by a recent uptick in adolescent injuries so obscene, we cannot report the details. We have an expert on indigenous oppression coming on in the next hour to discuss the implications for trans women. This is CNN.”

    10. “Comedian Ricky Gervais is under fire for his new special, in which he states that children should not be cummed in. We have an expert on indigenous oppression coming on in the next hour to discuss the implications for trans women. This is CNN.”

    11. “This just in…Cumpdumping is apparently bad for one’s health, and is currently the number one spreader of HIV. It especially affects the LGBTQI2APP+ community, particularly those who are of color. This is something the medical community has just discovered, and we were the first to report on it. We have Eliot Page coming on in the next hour to explain how this is Trump’s fault. This is CNN. Fox News is racist. You like CNN. Brian Stelter knows what the fuck he’s talking about.”

  3. “It’s a misunderstood — and often maligned — kink.”

    Really? There are some people who are unaware of it, and even some bigots who don’t extol it?

  4. Oh shit!!!

    Thank you Dhdhjrjf. +10000000%%. I’m killing myself laughing.

    Perhaps one could add a bit more:

    1. The Very Reverend Ratbag, Archbishop of the Cumming New Faith, has composed a new hymn,
    Cum All Ye Faithfull

    2. It has just been discovered that monkeypox is also spread by cumdumping!!! It is suspected that this is the cause of the rapid spread of monkeypox and HIV throughout the prairie dog community by the Love All the Creatures of Gaia sect. Rev Ratbag has totally condemned this perversion of his faith. It may also be the cause of the spread of the White Death – posts by hate-speaking white supremacist bigots who call it the Black Death will be promptly deleted!!!!!!!!! – throughout the cumdumping community.

  5. Nothing new under the sun; as an Acting Medical Assistant at HMS Nelson in 1985, when HIV was still called HTLV, a foolish and very drunk sailor had been one of the ‘cum-dumpers’ into someone who had decided to be buggered by as many men as possible on a presumably memorable night out, and since said cum-dumpster now had the ‘gay plague’ so all their contacts had to be traced as far as possible to reduce the risk to anyone else they were shagging.

    No idea how the politics played – much too young, naive and junior – but this sort of behavior is definitely not new or original if I was seeing it nearly forty years ago.

  6. As someone who many years ago was involved in a couple of sexual health education projects that were set up as a response to AIDS and who raised money for local HIV charities, this sort of stuff makes me extremely angry. It makes me angry as those involved in this obviously don’t give a toss about either the health of the receptive partner or anybody else. It also makes me angry when I think of all the people, many who did far far more than I did, who expended massive amounts of effort to convince people not to engage in risky sexual practices that increased the risk of the transmission of HIV. Did they and I waste our time trying to save lives? It certainly looks like it.

    There is now a new generation of people who, because at least in the West HIV is now a chronic condition, did not see gay mates die in horrible ways, with lungs impaired, brains damaged and covered in skin tumors. They’ve forgotten the horrors of HIV/AIDS and this ‘cumdumping’ craze is the result.

    There is still no cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS and due to the nature of his ailment any cure or preventative will be a long time away. It’s still the case tht the only sure way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS is to change sexual behaviour. That does not mean that gays should go back to the closet or anything like that or become celibates, but it does mean taking responsibility for yourself and others.

    I have every sympathy for those gay men in established relationships where HIV is passed from one partner to the other because one of the partners has cheated and brought the infection home, just as I feel sympathy for women whose cheating husbands bring back the pox and infect their innocent wives with it. However I find that I cannot have that much sympathy for those who have deliberately and with knowledge of the risks, take part in practices like cumdumping.

    Why has this phenomenon appeared now? I’d say that it’s partly due to porn showing similar scenes without any context such pointing out that as all the actors in the scene were tested for HIV. It’s also partly down to the fact tht we now have available drugs that hold back the ravages of HIV which are available for free on the NHS and it is this availability of drugs that slow down HIV which are encouraging people to take unnecessary risks.

    Too many gay men seem to have forgotten the main lesson of HIV which is that it is not the STI’s that we know about which are the problem, it’s the unknown STI’s that are the main threat. We can cure or hold back or control the symptoms of many STI’s that we know about but we are all at sea and possess little knowledge of diseases that we don’t know tht much about but whose spread could be facilitated by dangerous sexual practices.

    I stand with groups like the LBG Alliance who have come out and said what needs to be said about Monkeypox which is that it something that is a) potentially serious and b ) requires people to take more care when it comes to sex and choosing sexual partners.

    I’m incredibly sad that people have not learned the lessons of the past and I believe that a failure to learn such lessons will end up creating again many of the problems that a lot of people fought hard to remedy in the past.

  7. Fahrenheit,
    Very good points. I might add that even known STIs are a problem: antibiotic-resistant “super-gonorrhea” is increasingly common.

  8. I do remember – back in the 1980s – having a gay friend who didn’t consider himself promiscuous because he (usually) only had sex with one different man each night.

  9. Andrew M. Thank you. I take your point about how known STIs can mutate into antibiotic resistant ones.

    Sadly I believe that where we are with sexually transmitted Monkeypox is similar to where we were with HIV in the early days. There is a similar sense of liberation and ‘anything goes’ in the gay community now just as there was in the mid to late 1970’s. People back then thought tht all the STI’s had been beaten and anything that was picked up could be cured with a trip to the GUM clinic and a course of antibiotics. They were absolutely wrong. We do have to rediscover the culture of insisting on condoms for penetrative sex which we had in the late 80s until relatively recently.

  10. Jason Lynch

    That’s known amongst the matelots as “Cum, Sodomy on the lash.”

    I was in Pompey round about then. Wasn’t me though ( I was a student not a skate).

  11. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Surely, back in the 80s, every school in the land had at least one girl who was also in to the version of this practice that is not “against nature”. In a very big, and famous way? Or was my school unique?

  12. Bloke in Cornwall

    BitFR – I was thinking the same, I have had several friends that were into this – both male and female… this is not a “gay” kink and the risks are similar in all situations, the people involved in promiscuous sex are generally people who love sex regardless and will take it where they can get it.

    There are also a lot of people that think that as prep gives them protection against HIV they can ignore condoms because they are “safe”… shame other STIs didn’t get the memo about prep…

  13. Guys, I don’t think Sharon from the student union was renting out hotel rooms so she could get inseminated by 75 anonymous strangers per sesh.

  14. Farenheit211’s thoughtful piece leads me to conclude that this would be an excellent subject for Question Time and political interviews in general. The sights and sounds of ministers of the crown and assorted tossers pontificating about the pitfalls of cumdumping (hopefully up against some proponents) would be a hilarious commentary on the (end?)state of our civilisation.

  15. Otto – I don’t think Roy Castle or Kriss Akabusi were interested in those sort of records

  16. Jimmy Sommerville

    It’s in no way a misunderstood — and often maligned — kink rather it’s a sick fetish performed by a bunch of nasty little queers.

    We’re way past letting these things go because it’s done in private between consenting adults. They brought it out into the open so it needs to be called out as vile.

    FFS, I know sub-cultures have their own terminology, but tops, bottoms and cumbuckets – Jesus H Christ on a bike.

  17. Bloke in Cornwall

    @Jimmy Sommerville – if you think this is a bad kink I think you need to make sure all adult filtering you can get is enabled… by internet standards, this is tame…

  18. misunderstood — and often maligned — kink

    Bloke in Cornwall, don’t tell Jimmy about the squirrel suits !

  19. Jimmy Sommerville

    @ BiC

    I’m (sadly) aware that there are worse things that people do and that could be found on the Internet if one was so inclined.

    As my stomach is turned by the idea of 75 lots of jizz in some deviant gayist’s arsehole then I’d definitely be regurgitating my last meal when faced with some of the scatological kinks out there.

  20. Someone willingly deciding to become infected with HIV or monkeypox is still more respectable than getting paid to chop off a child’s sex organs and recalibrating their hormones for self-serving political reasons.

  21. Gives me an idea to persecute Ashers bakery further! Can I insist on them making me a variation on a profiterole in the shape of an arse and filled with spunk? Perhaps with a Support Hermasex Buggerey slogan on the box.

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