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We would probably know by now

Diane Abbott has claimed Boris Johnson is “rumoured to be one who likes assaulting women” live on a BBC radio programme.

Really, given the numbers involved, it would be public knowledge by now…..assuming we’re not in DworkinLand, where all heterosexual sex is rape etc….

13 thoughts on “We would probably know by now”

  1. What fun if he sued. But he won’t. Since nobody believes a word she says the remarks can’t have damaged his reputation. Since nobody believes a word he says he’d be laughed out of court anyway.

  2. My comment was removed by the moderators:

    ‘While in an ideal world Abbott, one of the few genuine racists in Parliament would be put out to pasture, given Boris’ past would you really feel confident that there isn’t something in the past that in these febrile times would now constitute ‘an assault’ and thus jeopardize any possibility of a successful civil action? Leaving aside that basically Boris has no possible legal redress because the legal profession is 100% Remainiac and they are furious at him for Brexit. So I would expect her remarks not to be newsworthy in a couple of days. We know she’s a fantasist. We know she hates White people with a visceral passion. We know she has a similar level of contempt for men as well. Old news….’

  3. Am I right in thinking that while saying “Boris did X” might be defamatory, saying “Boris is rumoured to be one who likes doing X” opens up enough wriggle room to not be defamatory?

  4. His best bet, should he be asked about it, is to feign anger and ask who made the accusation, then when told who, laugh dismissively who rolling his eyes.

  5. It is rumoured that Diane Abbopottamus once said something intelligent, but no one has found any evidence, so it remains a rumour.

  6. This is like when Rick Wilson from the Lincoln Project accuses republicans of being “naughty little boys.”

  7. Even the way she casually mentions this “rumour” is full of shit. He’s “one who likes to sexually assault women?”

    Yes, and on weekends he enjoys a bit of the ol’ dismembering of prostitutes. And on occasion he dabbles in luring children to his crawl space.

    Fred Armisen in a wig needs to work on her delivery if she’s going to pull these dingleberries out of her asshole.

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