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Well, no, not really

When British health officials unveiled monkeypox had arrived in Britain in early May, it looked like another isolated, imported case – a reminder of the threat of pathogens worldwide, but easily containable.

A week later, when two unrelated patients emerged, intrigue mounted. That soon turned to alarm when, on May 16, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said almost all the new cases were in gay and bisexual men.

Mateo Prochazka, an sexually transmitted infections (STI) expert at the UKHSA, put it bluntly: the virus, transmitted via close contact, was spreading via sexual networks – a “bizarre” trend which had “never been described before”.

We’ve seen a disease which can be spread by close contact (not necessarily sexual, but since sex involves close contact etc) rip through a highly promiscuous community before. It’s the promiscuity which speeds the rip through of course.

Even this isn’t right though:

“Sex is keeping R above one during this outbreak,” she said. “You’re going to get a few spillover exceptions, but those aren’t going to keep R above one and that’s why we’re still seeing — and can expect to continue to see — the overwhelming dominance of [monkeypox] amongst men have sex with men populations.”

No, it’s men who have sex with many men population. The monogamous couple of any sexual flavour are no more at risk of this than any other. It’s the promiscuity, not the form of sex.

12 thoughts on “Well, no, not really”

  1. I was around during the time of the Aids ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ campaign. Was thinking of the ‘ignorance’ bit this week when reading of one worried lad boasting of his SEVEN sexual partners the previous weekend. Suspect all are now queuing outside Guy’s in Southwark.

  2. Not ‘R’ again.

    Meaningless twaddle.

    I wonder how the Monkeypox epidemic compares with the ‘epidemic’ of genital heroes and other STDs.

  3. Obviously a mass roundup of poofters and their compulsory vaccination for smallpox/monkeypox is needed.

    However I understand that the gays complain that the good, old-fashioned smallpox vaccine that I got about half a century ago is too rough for them, since they’ve all got Aids. So they need the expensive new one that’s just come out.

    Or is this just Bavarian Nordic pushing their latest product?

  4. Strange. The “everything is Public Health!” brigade who insisted on schools closing every time a child got a cough seem remarkably reluctant to even reccomend a reduction in gay orgies. What can be going on?

  5. Rupert

    Because it will mean all those political think tanks would have to close down and it’d upset Owen Jones.

  6. A valid point, Tim about promiscuity being the key aspect, not gayness, but if you’re looking for a hyper-promiscuous group today, it’s a subset of gay men.

  7. Indeed so:

    “No, it’s men who have sex with many men population. The monogamous couple of any sexual flavour”

  8. Nature again selects for the survival of the species. Let’s hear it for Gaia, can we? Put your hands together & show how we appreciate her.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ It’s like those parties people have to reveal the sex of their unborn baby.”

    It’s “assign”, please keep up at the back.

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