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Women drivers, eh?

Earlier, there were scenes of chaos as around 30 bodies and carbon bikes piled up in the middle of the road on the Tour’s 175.6 kilometre marathon stage – the longest ever in the modern era of women’s cycling – from Bar-le-Duc to Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges.

7 thoughts on “Women drivers, eh?”

  1. On an associated issue just imagine how les gendarmes would have dealt with any climate change protestors who attempted to block or even superglue themselves to the road.

    I doubt if the French equivalent of “Is there anything I can get you?” would feature.

  2. John, here in the UK we have the recent examples of the gee-gees when Brenda was in attendance and formula one to provide a clue…..

  3. Presumably one of them was checking her make-up in the mirror.

    Did you know they don’t bother with the mountain stages? Probably a bit too much for women’s legs (frankly too much for about 99% of male legs). You complain about money, but don’t do the bits of Le Tour that viewers care about?

  4. @John

    There were (the Froggie equivalent of) XR supergluing themselves to the roads on this year’s TdF – I think it happened 3 or 4 times. On at least one occasion the race had to be stopped for half an hour, but in most places there were plenty of roadside cycling enthusiasts who were happy to sort matters out before the Gendarmes arrived.

  5. There were at least two long stops for protesters.

    It’s not new to the tour, usually it’s farmers.

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