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Always believe the victim

The prosecutor of Brindisi appealed that decision to the court of Lecce after Laforgia presented what he said was “irrefutable and objective evidence that the woman told multiple lies to investigators and the court, with facts and witnesses completely contradicting her story”.

Yes, do indeed believe the initial claims. Then verify before trusting.

2 thoughts on “Always believe the victim”

  1. The Pedant-General

    “Yes, do indeed believe the initial claims”

    No. That’s bonkers and it’s always been bonkers, because you’ve sold the pass. If you verify and find the claims to be flawed you then have to turn round and say “we don’t believe this any more”.

    This was always the wrong formulation.

    The correct approach _should_ be “take all claims seriously”. That means “investigate thoroughly and respecting the seriousness of the claims”. There is no way that “believe” cannot mean “pre-judge” and that’s an awful idea and always has been.

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