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The two Lamborghinis were impossible to ignore. Printed with the company logo, the company JuicyFields had parked them in front of a hotel in Barcelona when the international cannabis industry gathered there for a conference in March. The message was clear: this is where the real money is made.

This turned out to be a Ponzi scam.

Which is one of those little Worstall TEsts of an investment scam. If there’s lots and lots of money to be made (“Three months later, they were told, after the medical cannabis was cultivated, harvested and sold, returns of up to 66 percent could be reaped.”), if we’ve a literal money printer here, then why does anyone need your capital?

Alternatively, custom Lambos are the sign.

20 thoughts on “Amazingly”

  1. Dennis, Neo-Puritan

    An investor in cannabis farming deserves to lose his money.


    Every last fucking dime.

  2. Philip – agreed, weed is the cheapest drug there is, you’re not gonna make Walter White money selling something Dave the Dealer can grow in his council house that’s in abundant supply for about £200 an ounce.

    The real money’s in hard drugs, but I don’t think the Yardies, Albanians or the CIA like competition.

  3. Must admit the American experience, where state governments loused up the legalisation so badly that the illegal stuff is cheaper is the one that really amuses me.

    Still, one also notes the push to legalise the vice of the woke, whereas the push against ghastly grog goes on unabated.

  4. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Still, one also notes the push to legalise the vice of the woke, whereas the push against ghastly grog goes on unabated.

    Even better: Watching some asshole rant about “Big Tobacco” while taking tokes on a joint.

  5. @boganboy the Canadians managed the same trick, the legal stuff was low quality and there was limited supply especially as the local authorities dragged their feet on approving licensing while cancelling the license of the existing places that previously catered to ‘medical exemptions’
    Illegal stuff was easier to get, cheaper and better quality

  6. @boganboy

    Drug dealing is pure capitalism

    Quite how any smackheads thought that legalised drugs via any government would be cheaper or better is beyond me

    Narcos will always undercut the government – their overheads are lower and their efficency higher

    Interesting how the wokeratti solution to drugs is to make them more plentiful, not strangle the demand

  7. If there’s a ‘custom Lambo’ – check to see if its a wrap. If its a wrap the Lambo’s rented and and you’re walking into a scam.

    If its actually painted on then the owner’s making money – off of marks like you. Because you’re walking into a *succesful* scam.

  8. BniC – we managed the same trick. Medical marijuana is legal in the UK, but you’d have to be an idiot to go through the hassle to buy it when the guy at the end of your street has better and cheaper weed.

    Idk what the government is smoking.

  9. Can you hit me now?

    Why are you lot defending the cigarette smokers who preach on about the evils of cannabis?

    Also, why can I get better weed at the same or lower price (after discounts at the register) in Washington state? Maybe your sources are outdated?

  10. Apparently the legal weed in California is absolute garbage, and people buy from dealers because its miles better and cheaper.

  11. Bloke in The Wash

    international cannabis industry gathered there for a conference
    So it was a conference attended by representatives who didn’t know how their industry worked.

  12. Mmmm… It’s probably the only crop I could grow on the land I own. Most of it’s so steep, you need a ladder. But it does have excellent agricultural water supplies. And faces south. Those swarthy folk with the wide brim hats up the valley seem to produce enough. Far better climate for Maria than Cataluna as well. Compete the fuck out of them. Where do I park my Lamborghini though? That’s the question.

  13. Actually the geezers up the valley are a decent bunch of blokes. They distil some sort of hooch they insist on pressing on you, take head off your shoulders with a clean cut. Local lore has it they’re the remnants of Andalucia’s last Moslem enclave from the treaty of 1492. Rest of them got expelled & marched down to the coast a couple of centuries later. Most didn’t survive the stroll. These are the guys who kept their heads down saying “Moslem? What Moslems? Don’t know nuffink about no Moslems efendi. Have a bacon sandwich for your travels.”

  14. @BiS
    Do they sell their hooch in unlabelled old sherry bottles? That was the way of it with orujo back in the 80s – orujo brujo we used to call it.

  15. Can you narc on me now?

    Can I testify to just having purchased 1/2 ounce of 4 different types of weed for under $120? Whereas street price was $40 per eighth? How much cheaper would it go without the 33% excise tax? Much, much cheaper than we used to get it for when it was illegal?

  16. We might have a clue to the ….ahahahaha…..disjointed nature of certain comments here…….

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