And the old shall become new again

Ethical nonmonogamy is becoming more and more common.

Isn’t there a movie where Judy Dench hears some such rot and remarks “In my day we called it shagging around?”

12 thoughts on “And the old shall become new again”

  1. Off topic but nowhere else to put it – check out Murphy’s tweets today about Dachau. Unbelievably vain and disgusting. Even by his standards they are jaw-dropping.

  2. Dennis, Neither Retired Nor From Wandsworth

    Off topic but nowhere else to put it – check out Murphy’s tweets today about Dachau.

    He’s reading this blog.

    I made a crack about him and Dachau yesterday…

  3. Can you shag me now?

    Why did shagging around ever need to have shame attached to it, which made ppl lie about it?

  4. O/T

    Two of our favourites: Jolyon Maugham and Guido

    They’re both right and wrong: It’s £70bn over 3 / 4 years from Gov’t and/or public sector (ie stolen from taxpayers) to promote ‘Net Zero’

    Stand down: the government has not awarded a tiny, unknown Cornish company a £70 billion contract to oversee the entire implementation of Net Zero

    We’ve been getting a lot of messages about The Place Group [a tiny Cornwall firm] and the “tender” it won to administer the £70bn 4 year Net Zero framework contract

  5. “…….Liz Truss’s regional pay plan was worth pursuing.”
    Some years ago, a Home Office bod suggested that, to save money, County Police salaries should be linked to the average cost of a 3 bedroomed semi detached house in their areas. the reasoning was that, apart from the Metropolitan and City of London forces, Police salaries were on a national pay scale, meaning that southern based officers, who had a mortgage, would have less disposable income than an officer based in the north, or Wales, where properties were cheaper and a lowering of various salaries would put everyone on an equal level, as well as saving the government a shed load of money. As pensions were based on salaries, I understand that a massive number of applications to transfer to southern forces soon followed. The idea was quickly shelved, and the bod, I assume, was promoted, probably to the Civil Service guideline of one position above their level of competence.

  6. applications to transfer to southern forces soon followed

    Yes, and so what? apply is Not accepted and move

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